I have been sitting on this post for a couple of days because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with a grammar snob. A few days ago I received an e-mail from another blogger, that will remain nameless because there is no way I would advertise her blog, correcting my posts. Then she gave me a long speech about grammar. I will be the first one to tell you that my grammar sucks and I really don’t care. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over this e-mail so I figured maybe it was better to just laugh and think she did it out of a kindness. So I wrote her back and thanked her for the advice but I would write my posts how I wanted and that was just how it was going to be. She commented back saying ” This is a job! You need to treat it as such!” Whoa. Lady, this isn’t my job, it’s a hobby.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I try to keep a professional attitude on the internet. Whether I am dealing with my clients, my artists, or my readers I try to treat everyone with the utmost respect I would like to receive. I will admit though I was having a hard time with this one. To be perfectly honest I didn’t write the grammar snob back. I do have to thank her though because she really got me thinking about everything. After much thought I decided to write this post.

I own a book blog that is really popular. It has a Google Rank of 4, hundreds of followers, hundreds of feed readers, and hundreds of Network Blog readers. This is all with a Facebook fan page that only has 6 likes at the time of this post. I still get 50 to a 100 book review requests daily and if you don’t believe me please contact me and I will send you a screenshot of my inbox. The fascinating part? This blog is dormant. I only post a few times a year now, even though I do have some awesome blog tours lined up this summer. So how do I retain my followers, my readers, and everything. Simple, I know how to make a blog work for me. I do this stuff for a living and I know all about SEO, advertising, networking, etc. I don’t need perfect grammar to get my blog out there. Quite frankly she offended me and yeah, I am hurt. If you want people to have perfect grammar then please be an English teacher and leave bloggers alone.

As for this being a job? I thank god every day I have a job. I thank God every day I can stay home with my girls and still feed and clothe them plus buy them things they want. I know there are some women out there that are using their blogs to feed their families. When I go to a blog and I see that a family is struggling, being frugal and without saying it outright but you can tell they are struggling for their next meal I start clicking ad links. Sometimes I purchase something I like, anything to help them just a bit. I help bloggers when I can and I see they need it. So please, don’t tell me how to run my blog, write my posts, or tell me this is my job because it’s not. Honestly you have no right to tell anyone how to write their posts. If a company wants me to review their product it will be because they like how I handle my reviews not because I have perfect grammar skills. Sometimes I wonder if we shoot our own selves in the foot because we are trying to be perfect. My friend and I own a blog together and I did a review of Cook’n Software. I did a video where our readers could follow along on my screen and see all the features. I talked to them about how it changed our meals. The video was horrible. I had just got over a cold and my voice sounded like crap. I made mistakes and sounded jumpy. I almost didn’t post it but my friend was counting on me so I did and you know what? Cook’n featured it in their newsletter, they loved it. That little crappy video got our page hundreds of views that month and we got new followers. So please don’t tell me I have to be perfect to get reviews, etc. Don’t tell another blogger that either because you are wrong.

Bloggers, run your blog how you want. Do what you are comfortable with. Do not let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong, because you are not. As long as you are YOU, you will be just fine !!! I am living and breathing proof of that!
Just for fun..my crappy review that got us hundreds, if not thousands of page views that month:

Till We Dish Again,

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