Walmart Family Mobile Has The Lowest Unlimited Priced Plans For The Whole Family

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If you have been following the blog for the past year you have seen a lot of posts about Walmart Family Mobile‘s lowest priced unlimited plans for mobile phones. I love my Walmart Family Mobile plan and it keeps me connected to my family all the time. Lowest-Priced-Plans Walmart Family Mobile has the lowest priced plans for your whole family. Whether you have a family member that wants just talk and text or an internet hog, Walmart Family Mobile has you covered by offering the lowest priced plans. My family uses their phones for different reasons. I want to explain to you how they use them and then give you some plans/products that would be a perfect fit for them. Check out lots of different carriers reviews, for example, this Public Mobile review, before you decide to choose them.

  One thing to note is that with Walmart Family Mobile you do have to buy your phone ( which is why I am still using a phone I hate) but the money you save each month will pay for the phone. I would rather buy a phone and have the lowest price plans than get a free phone for two years of servitude with those other providers! You can also use your own phone if you choose! ( See bulleted list for more details)

The Flip Phone User


You know who they are. They are our fellow humans that think smartphones aren’t smarter than them ( and they are right) and all they want is a phone that makes calls and an occasional text. Sometimes they still have issues using voicemail but they are getting it. They would rather spend two minutes making a 3 word text by pushing the numbers that correspond with the letters than using a touch screen.

The Phone- Samsung t139 – $29.88

The Plan- Unlimited talk and text- $29.88 for the first line , $24.88 for each additional line. Has place for sim card.

The Smart Phone Apprentice


You know them and you love them. They are the ones that are trying their best to learn how to use a smart phone. Most of the time they use it just to talk, text, and send pics but every once in awhile you will find them surfing the net or checking Facebook.

The Phone- Walmart Family Mobile Concord Smartphone (RV- $49.88) – this is a great smart phone for the basic user. Everything is user-friendly and it is easy to add the apps they want. There isn’t much of a learning curve as it would be if they had a larger, more in-depth smartphone. It also has a nice camera.

The Plan- Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web- $39.88 for the first line, $34.88 for each additional line. Unlimited web includes 2.5 GB of 3G Data.

The Olympic Texter


Oh you know these. The elusive humans that don’t like to talk. They would rather say everything they have to say in 190 characters or less. When you check your usage 95% of the time their minutes for talking are 0 but your texts are up to 20,000. When they are not texting they are sending pics, sharing to Twitter/Facebook, and using tumblr. Most of the time they are under the age of 21, but not always.

The Phone- Alcatel One Touch Fierce (RV- $129.88)- Has a high performance when running apps and games. Your olympic texter can text while checking Facebook/Twitter at lightening speed. They can also surf the net and post to their many social media networks. This phone lets the social butterfly fly free.

The Plan- Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web- $39.88 for the first line, $34.88 for each additional line. Unlimited web includes 2.5 GB of 3G Data.

Add Ons-  The 3 GB speed boost for $20.00 will keep your olympic texter fast and will insure they never miss a minute of being social.

 The Internet Hog


This is the person that hogs the internet. They use it for everything from music to games. They often forget they have a laptop and use their phone for everything. You mostly seem them lying around somewhere with ear buds stuck in their ears like an extra appendage. You also see them in stores rocking out to the latest song without a care in the world. They are also the ones that make you go ” You used how much data this month?” Thank god Walmart Family Mobile has unlimited web.

The Phone- Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone (RV-$499.00) Yep, this phone is pretty pricey but it will give your little internet hog all the speed they need when they are surfing, taking selfies, and playing candy crush.

The Plan- The Plan- Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web- $39.88 for the first line, $34.88 for each additional line. Unlimited web includes 2.5 GB of 3G Data.

Add Ons- 8GB Speed Boost for $40.00 extra. You know this will keep your internet hogger on the go with super fast speeds and you won’t slow down either. 

Mobile Extras Pack- If your little internet hogger is like mine they love to download music. This extras pack will allow them to download ringtones, games and more.

 Lowest Priced Plans- Things To Remember

  • You will need a $25.00 starter kit for each phone.
  • Your bill will come monthly. You can pay it online or in the store.
  • You can have Unlimited Talk & Text or Unlimited Talk, Text & Web, or mix & match on the same plan to fit the way you live. I have Unlimited for everyone but my Dad. He has Talk and Text. We are all on the same bill.
  • Most GSM phones (those that use a SIM card) can be used with Family Mobile service. Check your warranty and carrier contract to see what conditions apply to unlocking your phone, then call your current provider to have your phone unlocked.
  • When you get your sim card and phone ( or your own phone) you will need to activate it online. If you want you can also have a Walmart employee help you activate it. Once the primary phone is activated you can add up to 5 phones on each plan.
  • Also, talk with the employee about which of the lowest priced plans is a fit for your family. That way you are always saving money.

Walmart Family Mobile’s lowest price plans is great for everyone in your family. I love being able to connect any time I need too and not pay a fortune for it. My bill for 5 phones and the 3GB boost is only $226.00 a month. On that “other” plan I was paying $347.00 a month and it wasn’t even unlimited and they service was slow. Extremely frustrating. Don’t let the “other” carriers fool you by talking about how their customer service is the best. Walmart Family Mobile has great customer service. I have had to have my bill extended a couple of times and they did it no questions asked.

Also, if I have a question they do their best to help me. I haven’t had a bad experience anytime I have called. I am not saying the service is perfect, I have had down times when in buildings or when I have been in the boonies. But I had the same things with the “other” carrier and paid over $100.00 more for the privilege.

If you have any questions about Walmart Family Mobile or their lowest priced plans please feel free to ask!



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Walmart Family Mobile Has Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

Walmart Family Mobile – I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

Did you know Walmart Family Mobile has the lowest priced unlimited plans? You didn’t? Oh my gosh, where have you been? Please, please tell me you are not still paying 300-400 dollars for that “other” service? If you are then you need to keep reading because you really need this plan! Walmart Family Mobile has Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web for a very low price each month. How low? Keep reading!


Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile is good for everyone, even those people that still use dinosaur technology. You know who those people are and most likely ( especially for those of us that are closer to 40) they are your parents. My Dad is a very smart man and in case you didn’t know, he is 75 and getting his high school diploma. I am super proud of that. But when it comes to smart phones, he just can’t seem to grasp it. We giggle and tease him but it can kind of be hard to get him a phone he can use. Which is why I am so glad that Walmart Family Mobile has phones for everyone. I was able to get my Dad a basic flip phone, that is super easy to use and save money on the bill. It doesn’t get any better than that! Since it is powered by T-Mobile I know he is getting the best service.

If you remember from my second Walmart Family Mobile post, I was paying close to $400 for cell phone service on 5 phones. It was killing me every month because I was struggling to pay it. I have been with the family plan for over a year now and I pay $226 a month for 5 phones. You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out that I am saving huge!


Everyone asks basically the same question- “Is #FamilyMobile really as good as other services.” In a short answer, yes. I do not miss my old wireless company. I honestly do not ever say “wow, I wish I would have stuck with so and so.” I get the same service from Walmart Family Mobile, it is just cheaper. As with any service there are always draw backs, no matter how much you love it. Sometimes I do lose service in remote areas. Also, you have to buy the phone and a starter sim card. If you want the latest, most awesome phone, you are going to pay retail price. Which is why I am still stuck with a phone I hate because I can’t afford to get another one right now. But that doesn’t hinder the service at all. When I am out and about my calls go through, internet whizzes and it is peace of mind knowing I am not going to have extra charges on my bill for some reason only the wireless carrier understands. You guys know what I am talking about 🙂 Also, if you want a fancy ring tone, etc, you have to buy an extras pack but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web is $45 for the first line and then $35 for any additional line. Unlimited means just that, unlimited. You don’t get capped or snail speeds when you use it a lot. I use mine for Twitter, Facebook, email, Instagram and surfing the web. The web is always at my finger tips and 9 times out of 10 I am not tapping my foot waiting for it to load up. You can also boost your speed for an additional cost each month. I have mine boosted to 3GB and let me tell you, it came in handy when I was in LA for the Muppets Most Wanted Event.

Have a grad going away to college? Worried about what extra fees you may end up with each month? Walmart Family Mobile would be perfect for them because it is one low price. Which means they can call you as often as they like, text you all the time and skype while they are on the go. All for one low price each month and that equals peace of mind for you! And don’t forget Mom! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this is perfect for her. Because Moms love to call us ( mainly because we don’t call them often enough) and saving her a little money each month would make you the favorite child!

I want to thank #cbias for hooking me up with Walmart Family Mobile. Over the course of a year I have saved over 1000 dollars on my wireless bill. You don’t know how freeing that is. That is our family vacation money this year!

Dishin With Rebelle-Walmart-Family-Mobile

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Tax Time Equals Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web Plan!

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My Mom has a prehistoric cell phone. You know the one I am talking about. It has buttons, no touch screen and it takes 30,000 minutes to text on it because you have push until you find the letter. Not only that but the poor thing was taped together. It was on it’s last legs people and I for one was ready to put it out of it’s misery. It was time to get her an Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan from Walmart!


My Moms birthday is this month and it is also my parents anniversary. Every year I strive to be the favorite child by getting awesome gifts. I was at a loss this year,  and then thought “Wow, why not get them phones?” They are still on Verizon, still spending an obscene amount of money on service and not really great service at that. I have been on Walmart’s Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan now for several months. I love how cheap my phone bill is every month and knew it could save my parents some serious cash. So I headed out to Walmart to by a phone for my Mom and well, I ended up buying 3!

After talking the sales associate ( His name was Steve and he was awesome by the way) he recommended the Concord. I already knew it was a great phone because I purchased one for Alianna’s birthday in September. We thought it would be a great phone for my Mom and Dad because  it’s easy to use and a great learner smart phone. The price was $49.88 and I couldn’t pass that up. So I actually bought 3 phones. 1 for my Mom, 1 for my Dad and 1 for my oldest. Not only was I going to be the favorite child but the awesome Mom too. Of course, I couldn’t buy the phones without the SIM cards to activate them. For $25.00 each I was able to grab them too.  For a little over $224.00 I was able to buy 3 phones and 3 activation cards. How cool is that? Plus, we were going to save a ton on our cell phone bill! Cha-ching!

#FamilyMobie #Shop

I tell all my friends about Walmart #FamilyMobile.  You can get unlimited talk, text, and web for $39.88 a month for the first phone and then $35.00 for each additional phone. That is unlimited everything and you can buy boosters if you want. You can’t beat that price. And, Walmart has a great selection of phones for under a $100, you can’t beat that either. I have never had an issue with my service. Not only that, but Walmart has great customer service. At Christmas time I was having a hard time finding money to pay the bill and I called them to explain. I was able to put a little money down and then pay it when I had it. It was so easy and you can’t believe how much weight lifted off of my shoulders. I really hate owing bills and I was so happy to not have to worry about it.

#shop #familymobile

It is also really easy to sign up. Everyone decided to get new numbers so I was able to add them right on to my bill. It only took 10 minutes to get each phone registered and ready to go. In no time at all they were on their way to setting their phones up. Also, Family Mobile has a great resource site that teaches you about your phone. This  really came in handy for my parents because this was their very first smart phone. They were able to figure a lot of stuff out by themselves. It was a lot of fun watching them learning about their phones and laughing over how cool it is.

It’s tax time and there is no better way to #MaxYourTax than getting a new phone and service! We are actually going to start putting the money we saved in a jar and count it this time next year. I can’t wait to find out how much money we did save! I wonder if I should go ahead and by my grass skirt for Hawaii?




Still Saving Money With Unlimited Mobile and Walmart

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Cheap Wireless Plan #Shop


Some of you have been asking me if I still like my Unlimited Mobile service through Walmart and the short answer is, YES! Just last month my “other” phone service lost $109.00 from me. I am still in the process of switching everyone over and the funny thing is, I never heard from cell phone provider, ever. Then once I started dropping lines, they started calling. They wanted to offer me deals and one of the service people even said “Yes, we are expensive but we have the best coverage.” I was honest and told them I had switched to Walmart and got basically the same coverage, without the huge price tag. Also, they don’t eat my data the way this carrier does, forcing me to buy more. I have two people using the service and we barely touch 1 gb and I use mine constantly for blogging.

Amish 1 #shop
All the money I saved help fund this day trip to the Amish Country in PA. The girls had so much fun seeing the farms, the horse drawn buggies, all the fresh fruits and veggies at stand markets and we even had lunch out. It was really neat watching their face as I explained the honor system. They couldn’t believe the Amish would leave out a tin and trust people would pay for the items. It is definitely a different world. I am so happy that I am saving money on my phone plan. We need the cell phones and sometimes I feel like I am robbing Peter to pay Paul to keep them.

T-Mobile Concord #shop

One of the possible cons is that you do have to purchase a phone that works on the plan. I went to Walmart the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find the Concord was rolled back to $49.99. That is $30.00 less than what I paid for it. It is a great little phone, Avery loves it. I do too and I am going to get it for myself because I really don’t like my My-Touch. Even though you have to purchase a phone and the starter kit, the savings each month makes it worth. A $100 + is not chump change. I am so happy I had the chance to test drive the service and as long as Walmart keeps great service, they have a customer for as long I need a cell phone.


Cheap Wireless Plan Made My Daughters Birthday Extra Special Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile

CB-sponsored-post-white-400Cheap Wireless Plan #shop

Avery wanted a mobile phone for her birthday and I wanted a cheap wireless plan. The question was how do I give her an unlimited plan and not break my bank? Easy peasy answer! Walmart Family Mobile.

Unlimited Plan

Avery is turning 14 and if any of you have a teenager you know that means social networking is their life right now. I needed unlimited text, talk and web. Not some rinky dinky let me rip you off unlimited, but true unlimited. I have had Walmart Family Mobile for about 3 months now and I love the service. After talking to my Walmart associate I found out that it would only cost me $35.00 to add her to my plan. Not $10.00, then add on the cost of plan ( which is an extra $35.00 on my old Verizon plan) and hope for the best, but true unlimited, just like I have. Score.

Cheap Wireless Plan #shop

I am a single Mom and money is really tight. The girls father sends child support and that is it. I foot all the bills, school supplies, school clothes, necessities, etc. A lot of months I am robbing the 12 disciples trying to catch up on bills but I always make it. However, it has always been my belief my girls shouldn’t miss out on special things just because I have a hard time making ends meet. They didn’t ask for this and it is not fair to them. Now, I do not spoil them but when Birthdays and Christmas rolls around I try to go all out and get them what they want. Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile I was able to get Avery a phone and make her birthday extra special. Now, there are a few costs to remember. It truly is $35.00 a month for an additional unlimited plan ( $25.00 if you want just unlimited talk and text) but you will need to buy a sim card which is $25.00 extra. Also, if you do not have a phone that will work with the plan you will need to purchase one. I got Avery a T-Mobile Concord. It is $79.00 and it had all the features she needed. It is a great little starter smartphone. Walmart has a variety of phones in a range of prices that fit every budget. To see how everyone else is saving please follow hashtag #FamilyMobileSaves on Twitter!

Avery-Mobile Phone 1 #shop

Also, Walmart Family Mobile gives me the tools I need to keep up with her phone and the plan. They have an online management  website that shows me how much data she is using, so there are no hidden costs. If she gets to where she is using to much data it shows me and I can stop it. Also, they have awesome parental controls and I can control exactly what she does, manage her minutes/messages, put a cap on them and block adult websites. This plan had all I wanted and more. I know as a blogger I do a lot of “Wow, this is so awesome.” or “You really need this right now” and it is true, I only say what I feel. But Walmart Family Mobile is one of the products I tell everyone about because I love it. It is a win/win and saves you money. With the economy nowadays we all need to save money and it seems phone/cable/internet providers are getting richer and richer from us. So to be able to have an unlimited plan that I can stand behind means something to me.

If you have any questions about the unlimited plans, cheap wireless plans, etc. Please make sure you visit the Walmart Family Mobile website!

The T-Mobile Concord is a great starter smartphone.