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About Sibu Skin Care:

Sibu Skin care- The journey to create a successful company can be as arduous as scaling a Tibetan mountainside, but well worth the view from the top. Bruce McMullin founded Sibu Skincare in 2003 after series of events led him to Calcutta, India where he crossed paths with an ayurvedic specialist in Chinese plants and herbs. In passing, this expert mentioned a powerful holy fruit, the Sea Buckthorn berry.

From there McMullin’s quest took him to new heights, figuratively and literally, as he journeyed to some of the most remote locations of the Himalayas to find the superior source of Sea Buckthorn that is the foundation for all Sibu Skin care products.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Bruce has a thirteen-year history of philanthropic efforts worldwide serving as executive chairman of Choice Humanitarian.

I really enjoyed using this. The Apricot scent was refreshing and the exfoliating scrub really did remove the dead skin and made your face feel softer. To be honest I really wasn’t enamored with the nourishing face cream. It did not really keep my skin as moisturized as my regular moisturizer  but I have very dry skin so it is hard to keep it moisturized.


You can purchase  Sibu Skin care from their online store HERE. Please like Sibu Skin care  on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
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