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Sample box of the month is a great way to get products that you can try out before buying or introduce you to new businesses/crafters. To be honest this may be the longest review I have ever written because I can’t say enough good things about My Sample Dream box. I mean just look at the presentation. I honestly felt like I was getting a gift from a friend. It was so much fun to take everything out and see what was in store. I know the picture isn’t that great but I have many images for this post and cut me some slack, I was dying to get into it :)

My Dream Sample Box is a monthly box that arrives at your door shipped priority mail. They have different sizes of boxes to fit into any budget.

The Mini Handcrafted Box is………….… $12.50
The Mighty Handcrafted Box is…………..$22.50
The Mega Handcrafted Box is ………..….$40.50
The Masters Direct Sales Box is …………$20.50
The Mini Masters Direct Sales Box …….$10.50
These prices include shipping and delivery confirmation in the United States.
See below for additional insurance prices and international shipping charges.

Canadian shipping costs $26.55 and International shipping costs $45.50 extra per box.

They provide an assortment of different things. Most box of the month clubs are centered around niche food, beauty, etc. I love the fact My Dream Sample Box sends you a little bit of everything such as tarts, candles, lip balm, gourmet foods, chocolates, cookies, sugar scrubs, jewelry, soaps, lotions, body wash, cards, scrapbooking goodies, party favors and more. The assortment was amazing. If you are a hand crafter or would like to be in a box you can get more information HERE.

I can just hear you screaming ” Okay Bobbie! Now tell us what is in the box!” Okay, Okay!

Here is the information, links and images to the items I received in My Dream Sample Box of the Month:

Blonde Sugar- Splendid and Charmer cookies As soon as you open one of these and get the aroma you know you are in for a treat. These are yummy. They have a good crunch and plenty of filling. I’ll have a dozen please!

Debbie Designs– earrings- These were so cute! They were very well made and had just the right amount of dangle. I love how they gave my casual outfit a bit of feminine grace.

Graceful Designs– Bracelet- I loved this bracelet. It was so pretty and the beads were gorgeous. I loved how it was elastic, ensuring a perfect fit. I will wear this a lot. Especially during the month of October when I go pink for BCA.

Joie Joelle Creations- Love Thyself Candle– This candle smelled so good. I loved the little note she put inside. When I had it burning it seemed so calm and relaxing. I loved how it made the whole room smell so good.

Lillie’s Crochet Shop-Crocheted Ribbon- This was the only product I really was not impressed with. First the ribbon was stapled to the business card. This made it almost impossible to remove without tearing at the yarn. The business card had stuff crossed out and written by hand. I understand business cards are expensive and you are donating this to the box but I feel when you are doing this you should put your best foot forward. I really loved the ribbon and was a little upset about how it was presented.

Megan’s Treasures– Doll Hat- Okay this was adorable. Unfortunately I had no doll to put it on but it was still cute! I loved the funky vibe and she did an amazing job on it. I will be saving this for a stocking stuffer!

Mojo Couture– Earrings- Okay first I love this girls name, Mojo Couture rocks. I wish I was that creative! Secondly, these earrings were just too cute! They were super simple and would look good with jeans or a dressy dress.

Ostara Organics- Rose Sandalwood Soap- Love Spell bath salts- Lets talk love spell bat salts. These were amazing! I loved the scent and they felt so soothing in the bath. The only problem was I didn’t have Johnny Depp there to test out the spell part. The rose sandalwood soap had a very pleasing, earthy scent and it made my skin soft. This was definitely a favorite!

Rainbows and Celebrations– Pillow- This was so cute. I didn’t get to really look at it though. My daughter stole it right off the bat.

 Road Apples Lv– Pet Treat- This looked good but we don’t have a doggie to try it out on.

Safari Soapa– I have not tried these yet because, well you can only take so many baths. But I thought they smelled great and they were a perfect size for dissolving.

Shandalin-Mint Books- These were just too cute! This is a great idea for bloggers! You can have all your info put on them and then hand them out when you are shopping, at the playground with the kids, or anywhere. It would be a great way to advertise!

The Barn and More-Exotic Fruit Smoothie Soap- OMG! This was amazing! I loved the smell, I loved how it made my skin feel, and I love the way it looks. I am going to miss it when it is gone. Oh, wait, no I wont. I can buy more!

Yvonne’s Candy Bar Boutique- Rhinestone Buckles- These were so cute! We will be using it for my daughters homecoming as an accent in her hair.

My Dream Sample box I feel is a great deal. The assortment and the care in the packaging makes it worth every penny. Holly has done an excellent job with this box of the month. Please check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

Till We Dish Again,



{Disclaimer- I received a complimentary box courtesy of My Dream Sample Box for review. The statements by me are 100% true and my feelings on the products.}








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