Plated’s mission is to demystify cooking by providing consumers a convenient and nutritious way to discover their inner gourmet chef. is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy and exciting for people to discover, cook and enjoy fresh, local, gourmet food. Instead of wasting time selecting recipes, then shopping, then over buying and throwing away different ingredients, a consumer uses Plated‘s Click-to-Kitchen delivery to order local, fresh and dependably delicious dinners.

Did I tell you I can’t cook? I think I have, several times. Well I can cook enough to make sure I never go hungry but gourmet fancy meals are something that I don’t do. I would love to though because I am a foodie at heart. I was so excited to do this review because I loved the concept of unleashing my inner “chef.” Let me be the first to say nothing prepared me for what would happen next.

The Plates I received were:

  • Pasta Carbonara with Edemame
  • Sweet Potato Spinach Soup with Grilled Cheese

Plates equals servings. So if you order 2 plates you will receive two servings. When my box arrived it was packaged well. Inside was a cooler bag and ice packs. I opened the cooler and was amazed. Every single ingredient I needed except a few staples was included. They even sent the onions and sweet potatoes. All of the ingredients looked and smelled fresh. They were either in bags or little containers and it was really easy to get the measurements right.

The recipe cards were included and even a little summary about the Chef. My chef was Daniel Meyer. Mr. Meyer is a recipe developer and an assistant to Mark Bittman, aiding Bittman on his best-selling cookbooks and weekly New York Times columns. I was just giddy with excitement over fixing meals from an actual chef.

Again, did I tell you I don’t do gourmet? Love to eat gourmet, love to look at pretty gourmet pictures but I don’t cook gourmet. So I was really nervous about even starting. What if I messed it up? What if I destroyed these meals and this review? It felt like everything was at stake here. Finally Nana Helen stepped in and said ” Cook already, I am hungry for lunch!” Like I said, nothing prepared me for what happened next. I did it! I cooked both meals all by myself. I followed the instructions, everything was portioned out, and it was super easy. You can’t not do this, everything is right there! Let me tell you, I was dang proud of myself!

So I cooked it but how did it taste? OMG! It was amazing. We had never had Sweet Potato in soup before but wow, it really works. The spinach and black eyed peas gave it a texture that was unreal. Yummo! The grilled cheese had fresh cilantro in it. I know the combination sounds weird but it worked. I love Pasta Carbonara but never had it with edemame before. It really worked. The edemame had a little crunch which pulled the whole plate together with the smoky bacon and caramelized onions. One thing about carbonara, always pull it off the heat before adding the egg mixture so you don’t scramble the eggs.

I know I recommend a lot of things here on Dishin’ because I am a diverse person that loves a lot of items. But this one was truly amazing. It was so easy, so simple, and so delicious. Plus the pricing is incredible. You can get a full meal delivered to your door, plus free shipping, for a relatively low cost. This would be perfect for luncheons, bridal showers, parties, even the holidays. Busy Moms need a break too and what husband wouldn’t love a gourmet meal? Heck, if you don’t have a husband and kids, invite me over! I will bring a nice bottle of wine and the dessert! Treat yourself to a delicious meal from a chef!

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Check out where some of the chefs have worked HERE

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