Perky Jerky is a healthy, portable and satisfying snack made from natural ingredients. It’s low fat, low carb, low cal, and high protein. And Perky Jerky is flavored with Guarana, so it’s the ultimate functional food. No preservatives, no nitrates, and no added MSG.

On a glorious day in July I went to the mailbox and found the end of the rainbow. I have news folks, the end of the rainbow is not a pot of gold but a silver bag of Jerky. Not any jerky but Perky Jerky. Seeing that silver bag of protein goodness made my face light up like I had heard a host of angels singing in heaven. Grabbing the bag and leaving the other mail in the box, I ran for the house. I yelled for my two girls and when they came rushing in I exclaimed ” Perky Jerky girls, perky jerky!” Their little faces lit up like sunshine and we all gathered around the table and opened the package. With ceremonious vigor we brought out the contents one bag at a time.

I let the girls choose their flavor, Roxy chose Turkey, and Avery chose Beef. I decided to try both. Roxy was the first to taste hers and she closed her eyes, savoring each bite. She loved it, saying ” It has a great flavor and a little spicy but with a sweet touch.” Avery was next and tried hers much the same way saying ” This is awesome!” ( Avery isn’t as eloquent with her words but that was as high a recommendation as she gives.) When it was my time I tried each flavor while watching the girls enjoy their packages. You would have thought the smiles on their faces and their enjoyment would have melted my heart but no. That first taste was like a party in my mouth and all my heart was feeling was a way to hide this so no one else could eat it. It was moist, delicious, and full of meaty flavor. I preferred the turkey to the beef.

After my angels went to bed I devised a plan. I decided to hide the jerky in a secret hiding spot. Amazed at my cleverness I nearly danced to bed thinking of all the jerky goodness I will be able to consume, alone. However I forgot my kids are flesh of my flesh and clever like their mother. In the morning when I went to check my secret stash I found  a note instead stating “You will never see your jerky again! Bwahahahaha.” I totally read this in a freaky, psycho style voice.

Not to be beaten at my own game I sat down to think this through. My jerky was being held hostage and I do not negotiate with terrorists even if I did carry them for 9 months and give them life. After pondering the situation for awhile I realized something. I didn’t need to beat them at their own game, I have a secret weapon. Yes!! They have to sleep! I waited and waited until the little terrorists were fast asleep and then I went through their rooms. I found the jerky stuck in a book shelf behind a book.

Giggling in glee to myself I quickly gathered up what was left. What could have caused my family to turn against me like this? What could have caused me to deny my kids a simple pleasure? Perky Jerky of course. It is just that good!!

Till We Dish Again,



Ps. I am aware there are no pics with this review, sigh. Unfortunately the camera had a malfunction and the pictures got deleted. The jerky is long gone so I couldn’t take more.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above courtesy of the sponsor for the purpose of this review.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review.  The views/opinions expressed are honest and from my own personal experience with the product mentioned.

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