This was another purchase from QVC. Roxy and I do not have nails, we bite them. However my Mom and Avery do. So we wanted to give this a try. Perfect Formula Essentials is toted as a product that streghtens and helps your nails grow longer.

The Perfect Formula product line is designed to make beautiful hands and feet easily achievable for anyone. Our unique nail strengthening formulas have given thousands of women longer, stronger, healthier natural nails.

Whether you have brittle or weak nails, nails that split or peel or even nails that have been damaged by acrylic, gel or glue, Perfect Formula products can help them become strong, healthy and beautiful.

Achieving strong, natural nails is not only possible for anyone, but it is simple when you have the right tools and, of course, the most Perfect Formulas.

– Shari Gottesman, Perfect Formula Founder

We ordered the product and it arrived yesterday. Avery was most anxious to try it out, so we did her nails first. Inside the box were:

Nail Guard System

Pink Gel Coat

Manicure Booster – ( this was exclusive to QVC until 9/20/12)

Crystal Nail File

The crystal nail file did not work well for Avery. She has sensory issues and every time I used it she freaked out. So I had to use a regular nail file. The crystal file however will protect against splitting and breaking.

We used the Nail Guard System first. It has a very strong odor and we actually had to crack the window a little. It glided on very smooth and have a nice sheen to it. It didn’t take to long to dry, about 5 minutes. We only did one coat.

Next was the Pink Gel Coat. It glided on smooth as well and gave her nails a pretty pink blush color. It really made them look pretty. Here are some pictures to show what they look like undone and with Perfect Formula Essentials:

We did not use the manicure booster yesterday but will use it in the future. I will do another review when we do. All in all I am pleased with this product so far. I will be a second review in about a week or more to let you know if we have seen any real difference in my Mom and Avery’s nails.

Till We Dish Again


 *Disclaimer- I purchased this product OOP and did not receive any monetary or bartered compensation for this review*
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