Egg Hunt From Hell

No, not one of those cute ones out in a field where your little darlings run through smiling and full of joy while collecting colorful eggs. This is an online freebie egg hunt and wow, it has brought out the worse in some people.

I wont mention the site because honestly they have gotten way more publicity than any one blog should but I do have some personal comments. By personal I mean these are my thoughts and my feelings. They do not reflect on the general population.

I have been trying to find an easter egg for a couple of weeks now. I am always the type of person that tries to analyze things. When I heard this site was giving away 1,000s of Gift Certificates and 2 I-pads my first thought was how? I know some blogs have some incredible sponsors but that many gc’s and 2 I-pads? It seemed a little improbable and the site is run by 1 teen and twenty somethings. There is no way they could pocket that expense. So I started to wonder if there was really that many prizes or if someone had padded the pool so to speak.

I am ever hopeful and always love to win. So I started looking for eggs and looking and looking and looking. I work from home and I am on the computer a lot because of my job so I have hours to keep looking. I am still a little stunned that after all this time I have not found an egg while many have found 3 or more. I am not a math genius but something is really not adding up here. However, I keep looking. Maybe it is there and I just need to keep rolling the dice. Someone likened it to Vegas, well yeah, it is all about luck. However if you spend two weeks in Vegas doing the same thing I guarantee you are going to win something.

The comments on their Facebook page range between “Oh yay! I found an egg” to “You suck!” It is amazing to see how some people react to a game and it is like a chain reaction. You first have your negative Nancy’s who claim it is all a scam and then meddling Melody has to come in to call negative Nancy stupid for feeling the way she does or some kind of snide comment and then you have lets all get along Loretta that tries to keep the peace and in the end the admin has to come in and remind everyone it is a game. It is like watching a bad episode of a Tween show at times. You just have to shake your head.

Is there eggs lurking? I believe so yes. Are there as many as they claim, I don’t believe so. As one commenter said “It is not really probable.” Will I give up looking? Nope. I have been at this since it started and it ends tomorrow so a few more hours will not kill me. Who knows, maybe I will win one and I can come back say “Yay! There is an egg! There is an egg!”

Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls


Ps. Please feel free to comment however do not comment negatively. No one knows what the game plan is for sure and I am just giving my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

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Rebelle and Girls