Overweight News Anchor

Jennifer Livingston, “overweight” news anchor for WKBT-TV in La Crosse, Wisconsin, received an e-mail last week from a “viewer” bullying her about her weight. You can read the full story HERE. This woman is my new hero.

I am overweight and I am ashamed of it. I will constantly put myself down because of the insecurities over my weight. It is most of the time a nightmare for me and for my family. They often remind me that I am beautiful and so much more than my weight. I usually retort they are my family, they are supposed to say that.

I was bullied in high school. Often called fat, ugly, hippo, etc. and those scars have stayed with me. Whenever I look in the mirror I remember the high school football game where I was cheerleading and having other kids spit on me and call me the fat cheerleader. I never put a uniform on again. My insecurities destroyed several relationships I had because I just couldn’t believe someone loved me. The memories still haunt me and I have made such horrible decisions as a result.

My oldest daughter too is over weight and she also has the same insecurities. While I hate the fact she is overweight I do not make that an issue. I try to instill in her self confidence that I, myself lack. She has been bullied but unlike me, who hid it from my mother, she is very vocal and I have taken a huge stand for her. I never call her fat, tell her she needs to lose weight, or tell her that her butt is to big. Those kinds of things stick with your kids. I do promote healthy eating habits and exercise. She is doing her best and I am proud of her.

Even parents can be bullies when it comes to weight. Telling your child she is chubby, her butt is to big, she has thunder thighs, etc can really damage their self esteem. Trust me, they do not forget and they will end up hating you for it. We need to be more like Jennifer Livingston. We need to take a stand against society and others that bully us. Not just about our weight but about other things as well. Bullying should NOT be tolerated and as a society we need let bullies know that, just like Jennifer Livingston, my new hero.

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