Nostalgia Electrics Coke Single Sno Cone Maker


Nostalgia Electrics Coke Single Sno Cone Maker

During the summer time it can get hot and sticky, making you feel like a hot mess. That is why I love sno cones in the summer time. There is just something so tasty about shaved ice with some kind of fruity flavor all over. The girls would tell you that I am a chocolate and marshmallow type of sno cone girl. I was so excited when I received this Retro Coke Style single sno cone maker from Nostalgia Electrics. Nostalgia Electrics is a company that specializes in small electric appliances such as Popcorn makers, mini baked goods, and even chocolate fountains!

The sno cone maker was out of the box ready and in no time at all we were making sno cones. One of the suggestions in the book was to let your ice sit out a bit until it is translucent. I agree with that because right out of the freezer is too hard to shave. The sno cone maker does take up  a bit of counter space, so if you don’t have a lot of space you would need to pack this back up.

The thing I liked most was how easy it was to do. All you do is place your ice in the top, lock the lid, and turn it. In not time at all you are shaving ice for your sweet treat!

After you fill up your little plastic sno cone cup, you add syrup and you are done!

The box I received had the machine, the book, and one plastic sno cone cup. My suggestion is to make sure you look at the box contents when purchasing because you will need more cups and syrup if it is not included.

You can socialize with Nostalgia on Facebook and Twitter. I will be giving away one of these sno cone machines during the Dishin’ N’ Givin’ Holiday event! So be on the lookout for it!

Till We Dish Again,


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