Metro Bag – What Every Busy Person (and MOM) Needs


I am addicted to handbags.

It is so bad that sometimes my family will make me stop buying cold turkey.

There may be some screaming, crying, and begging involved.

There may also be some hiding in the shower with a tablet and adding to a handbag wish list.


When I became a Mom I was excited because it gave me an excuse to buy a huge handbag. No diaper bag for this girl, no way. Of course it didn’t end up that way because there never seemed to be enough room for everything I wanted to bring. So it was a huge handbag AND a diaper bag.

The girls are older now and I STILL find myself carrying a big handbag because 15 minutes into shopping I will hear:

“Mom, can you put my lipgloss in your purse?”

“Mom can you put my phone in your purse?”

Or, before I leave the house I will need to pack for 3 people because unfortunately my girls do not have my handbag addiction. They both refuse to carry a handbag and will use their pockets instead.

Which means I am the one that will be holding the lipgloss, phone, tablet, ear buds, etc. If only you could see the “UGH” look on my face right now.

( disclaimer so I look all spammy and whatnot- I received the Metro Bag for free in exchange for a review. Opinions are 100% my own and I truly do love the bag. Like marry it kind of love. Seriously. Don’t judge.)

When Annette, owner and creator of Sacs of Life contacted me and asked if I would like to try out some of their bags. I jumped on it because she is a Mom and she knows what a Mom wants.

She is kind of like my new hero.




Metro Bag is What Every Busy Person ( and MOM) Needs!

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”vertical-curve-both” width=”500px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Annette knows what shopping for and traveling with a large family is all about, so she quickly identified the need to make life easier and stylish – for busy people not just moms. [/dropshadowbox]

She really does know. I tried so hard to get a picture of my bag with all the junk I have in it but my lense is not big enough to zoom out. But in my bag, the same one she has in the picture, I have:

  • My cell phone
  • My tablet
  • My checkbook
  • My Wallet
  • My phone charger ( wall and car)
  • Alianna’s lipgloss
  • Dakotah’s change purse
  • My change purse
  • My sunglasses
  • My Keys
  • Travel size Motrin
  • Chewing Gum
  • Mints ( I like fresh breath)
  • Water bottle <— True story

There is probably stuff in the bottom I don’t even know about. Now you can see why I couldn’t get everything in the picture. It is a lot! That is what makes the metro bag so awesome. You can fit mostly everything you need on the go, in one bag.

Including your Starbucks. This is an insulated drink holder:

That drink holder is what made me believe Annette knows what she is doing.

It can hold a bottle ( plus keep it warm), a sippy cup, your Starbucks, soda, etc but it doesn’t make the bag awkward or feel uncomfortable. It sits perfect and doesn’t buckle the bag. It really is ingenious.

Another reason to love it is the adjustment of the strap. First of all the strap is wide, padded, and comfortable. Secondly I am very short, just a little under five foot. Most cross body bags are huge for me even when I adjust them. The Metro bag was a perfect fit and sit right on my hip like a crossbody is supposed to do.

It is also great for tall people, the strap adjusts to just about any height. Again, ROCKS!

More great features:
[list] [li]Five outer zippered pockets to keep all belongings organized[/li] [li]Spacious interior includes a padded iPad/tablet sleeve with snap closure and an additional zippered pocket[/li] [li]Front flap pocket with magnetic closure for cellular phone[/li] [li]Insulated drink holder for hot or cold beverages[/li] [li]Hidden full size pocket on side of bag for extra security[/li] [li]2” wide adjustable nylon strap with shoulder pad[/li] [li]2” wide adjustable nylon strap with shoulder pad[/li] [li]Convenient clip for keys on back of bag[/li] [li]Bonus full size shopping bag included in front pocket[/li] [li]Perfect for every day use and travel[/li] [/list]

All of Sacs of Life bags are fashion forward and eco-friendly. It really doesn’t get any better than that! Oh but it does. Sacs of Life works with various charities to make a difference in the community.

We pride ourselves on giving back to the community in a meaningful way. We work with various charities providing bags to those in need of something of their own and who are starting a new path in life. Sacs of life continues to seek new ways to make positive change by working with several types of organizations, including those that sponsor and assist with the building of schools in third world countries as well as Women’sshelters and safe houses.

So the Metro Bag is not only functional but also a great way to support amazing charities.

Learn More About Sacs of Life

Website | Facebook | Twitter | About Annette

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Bobbie is a handbag addict who has a passion for product reviews, tech, and food. Her first loves are her daughters, Dakotah and Alianna. Her second loves are bacon and coffee. Lots of bacon and coffee.

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Bobbie is a handbag addict who has a passion for product reviews, tech, and food. Her first loves are her daughters, Dakotah and Alianna. Her second loves are bacon and coffee. Lots of bacon and coffee.