Martha Stewart- Hillbilly Style

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style:

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style was a brain child of mine when my Mom and I were talking about the recipes she loves on Martha Stewart and Mad Hungry. My Mom can cook, and that is no joke. Growing up I hardly ate from a box. The first time I had a store bought cookie I thought it was gross. I never bought lunch in school until I was in high school. My Mom was one of those moms that made your lunch When I got home there was always a snack, homemade of course. While my Mom makes killer meals the thing she is known for most is her baking. She loves to bake and makes everything from scratch. Christmas is a wonderland here. My Mom is always talking about those recipes and how much she would love to try them. I never really understood it because my Mom follows recipes from cookbooks, so what is the difference? I finally asked a couple of weeks ago and she said ” I could never make them. They always have all these fancy gadgets and everything looks perfect.” I was stunned. My Mom who has people begging her to bake for them or fix them a plate of food was intimidated by Martha Stewart because she didn’t have a fancy gadget? No..freaking…way.

I thought about it for awhile and then asked her why she needed them? She replied she needed them so things would look like theirs. I told her I bet she didn’t. That is when the challenge began. I challenged my mom to make some Martha Stewart/Mad Hungry recipes using what she had. The fanciest gadget my mom has in her kitchen is a Ninja she purchased from QVC and her mixer from Kitchen Aid. Now she does have a smoker ( we haven’t used it yet ) and a rotiesseri ( used maybe twice?) but that is about it. She had a deep fryer once but it broke and she broke the lid to her crock pot. Yeah, our kitchen gadgets die a lot. Anyway, she took the challenge and I will be sharing with you the recipes and pictures of her making them. Please note there is a lot of pictures. I tried to keep them small so it wouldn’t take forever to load.

If no one ever reads this post, I don’t care. We had a ball. I am the worse photographer in the world and had my Mom laughing so hard trying to get pics. We did recipes all weekend and I will treasure those memories forever. Stick around till the end and see our little “helpers”

About Nana Helen

My mom is a hillbilly. We live in Maryland but my Mom and Dad both grew up in the Hollers of West Virginia/Virginia. Both of their fathers were coal miners. Our normal fare is Pinto Beans, Corn Bread, Fried Chicken, Greens, etc. Mom has always been a housewife and mother, a darn good one at that. She started cooking when she 7 years old. She didn’t have the best home life and for years she cooked, cleaned, and did all the household duties. She married my dad February 14th, 1963 and had my brother 5 years later and me 6 years after that. For as long as I can remember my Mom has cooked from scratch. The dining room table was always the center of the house and my whole growing up years we had dinner every night. Of course has my brother and I got older, graduated, etc things changed. We were to busy to have family style meals. After a divorce I moved back in with my parents. Now my daughters are enjoying all the things I did growing up. My Mom was afraid of these posts because she knew the food wouldn’t look perfect like you see on the shows, websites, and magazines. I told her that was the point. We are not all Martha Stewarts and we should all be proud of the food we make.

What we will be making:

The recipe in this post is French Dip Sandwiches. Click HERE for the recipe.  My mom does not have a dutch oven so she had to improvise with a skillet. It was interesting to say the least.


Step 1- Wash your meat

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 2- Mom didn’t have coarse salt so she used table salt.

Step 3- After heating your oil up place your meet into the skillet to brown ( or dutch oven if you have one)

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 4- Peel your carrots. There are gadgets out there that will peel them better but my mom is using a peeler she has had for 20 years ( no joke )

Step 5- Peel your celery ( see the trash bowl? I gave her that idea. Got it from Rachael Ray!)

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 6- Dice your carrots,celery and onion.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 6 a- Measure them out.Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style


Step 7- By now your meat should be browned and look like this. Unless you used a fancy chopper then you may have had to wait a few minutes.Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 8- Transfer your meat to a plate.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 9- After removing your meat, add your carrots, celery, onions and garlic. Let it cook for however long the recipe says. ( About 10 Minutes)

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 10- Add your tomato paste and wine. Cook until it reduces by half.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Reduced by Half

Step 11- Add meat to mixture. Mom said you would have more room in a dutch oven. She was afraid it would over flow when she added the broth.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

 Step 12- Add Broth

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 13- Thankfully no overflow and then she added the bay leaves.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 14- Transfer to the oven. My mom used an old corning ware baking dish she has had for years and years. It almost didn’t have enough room. She was a little frustrated by this point. Baste every hour for about 3 hours until it is fork tender.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 15- Remove from oven and drain liquid. Pull meat apart.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 16- Cut your bread lengthwise. My mom couldn’t find baguette bread so she used French bread instead.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 17- Stuff bread with meat.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 18- Top with cheese.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 19- Melt cheese on bread and bake until bread is crispy ( yes, there are two different cheeses on it. Like I said, Mom is a hillbilly and swiss cheese is not a regular in this house. Me on the other hand loves it. Everyone else had white american)Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Step 20- Cut the sandwich into servings. Serve with the dipping sauce.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

All in all it was delicious. The next post will be the onion rings. My mom was excited she could make it and is grabbing every recipe she can. She wants to figure out ways to make them without some of the items she doesn’t have. My mom had some other helpers during our mission.

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Lucky the Cat

Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style

Avery the note taker :)

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the post. Please be on the lookout for more posts to come. You can get all my update information via Facebook or Twitter.


Till We Dish Again,


Martha Stewart recipes and all entities are © Martha Stewart inc. I do not own the recipes, name, trademark, or logos. The pictures in this post are © Bobbie Seacrist and may not be used without permission. Martha Stewart Hillbilly Style is just something I made up and is in no way connected to Martha Stewart or her entities.


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Bobbie is a handbag addict who has a passion for product reviews, tech, and food. Her first loves are her daughters, Dakotah and Alianna. Her second loves are bacon and coffee. Lots of bacon and coffee.


    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Thank you so much Cheryl :) We are very close and I am so blessed to have her. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      5 PM EST! We will set a place for you at the table and make sure you bring your lovely family! There will be enough for everyone :) Thanks for stopping by!!

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Hi Heidi :) You can borrow her but you have to have her home in time for dinner. It really was easy. It would have been a little easier with the gadgets but it was so much fun we didn’t care. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. says

    Well…your mother is beautiful! Love her smile!! Also…you do not need fancy gadgets to make great food! They only make it easier….and that recipe…WOW! Mouth watering!

    My mom has had the same peeler for about 30 years (it is the same one your mom has!). And the trash bowl, I do that too!! It comes in very handy, way better than bending over the trash can.

    I’ll be back for the onion rings! I’ve tried making them once but they did not turn out well…!! I’ll take notes, just like Avery did! :D

    I give your mom 5 stars! :D

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Aww thank you so much! I can’t wait for her to get home and read these comments, she is going to be so thrilled. Isn’t it funny how our Moms use things they are used to it. I bet we will too when we are grandmothers. I know my Mom has a cast iron skillet that she has had for 49 years ( as long as her and my dad has been married) and every Sunday it makes us fried chicken.

      The onion rings will be soon! Please do stop by. There isn’t as many pictures as this one but it was a lot of fun and some funny outtakes too!

      Thanks for stopping by!! <3

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Thank you so much Amanda!! It was simple to make, I think even I could do it! If you try it please let me know! I would love to see your results!

  2. says

    Awww love that picture of your mom with the onion rings, I’ll be back for that recipe for sure! She did a great job with that french dip sandwich. I wish I had such a great cook living here! :-)

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Thank you so much Malia! I appreciate you stopping by and I really enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  3. says

    Your mom sounds like a truly amazing person and she is beautiful! When I make this for my family they will think much higher of me and show me lots of love. It looks mouthwatering and I am a vegetarian! LOVE THE POST and I hope Nana Helen does more!!!!

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Awww thanks so much Jenny! I am sure they will because it is mmm..mmm..good! If you do make it please send me a picture. I know my mom would love to see! She is definitely going to do more! YAY!

  4. says

    It all looks so wonderful and delicious! I would love to make that, and I am going to try this week! I love how you and your mom did this together! Can’t wait to give it a try, and looking forward to the next post! Thanks!

  5. Bobbie Seacrist says

    Yay! If you do Alaina could you please post so I can see or send me a picture. I know my Mom would love to see any results! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  6. says

    Oh man, I’m coming over. How long should it take from San Diego? :)

    I HATE cooking but I love eating! Will your Mom adopt me? I will take this kind of cooking over Martha Stewart ANY day!

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      About 3 hours by plane I believe! Be here by dinner tomorrow night and we will make a place for you! I am sure she would adopt you and I have always wanted a sister, so hurry up!! LOL!

  7. @noel_Rocs says

    That’s a wonderful recipe and great photos! I love to see photos of what I’m cooking (or just photos of food, because I love to look at food ha). I’ve learned that I prefer recipes that don’t have fancy equipment :) The old fashion way is fun and leaves extra room in your cabinets, but not in your belly <33

    *Pinning this delicious recipe! :D

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Thank you so much hun! I really like having the photos too. That was my Mom’s idea. She was like “Now Bobbie, how are those poor people going to know what they are doing without pictures?” Can you tell she is southern, haha. I hope you will stop by again to check out the other recipes!
      Ps. I love your blog! It is just to cute!

  8. penelope merriweather says

    Great post..!! I really enjoyed reading it..Felt like I was right there in the kitchen..!! Great pic’s neat family!

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Thank you so much Penelope!! I appreciate the comment and I told my Mom we should have done a video but she didn’t want everyone to know how crazy we really are. We laugh a lot while cooking :)

  9. says

    Your mom has nothing to worry about because that looks freakin delicious!! And besides all that matters is the taste- pretty doesn’t mean tasty :)! Great job Nana Helen bring on some more!

    • Bobbie Seacrist says

      Thank you so much Kimberley! She is definitely bringing some more! We have Onion Rings, Chicken Fried Steak with gravy, Collard Greens, Sugar Glazed Carrots, and Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Wow, I better get to writing :D
      On a side note I am so glad your friend got such great test results! I hope you two will celebrate with some good food and fun! <3

  10. says

    It was great getting to know you and your family! I make a lot of Martha’s recipes – I always adapt them – it’s hard for me to follow a recipe exactly as written. I love Mad Hungry too – she makes some very yummy food. These French dips look amazing! My Dad would love them.

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing! Both my sons went to South Carolina to college on a golf scholarship (we’re from the UK) and came back raving about fried chicken!

    I love that you laugh a lot whilst you cook too!


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