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When I had my daughter almost 17 years ago Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans for our mobile phones was the furtherest thing from my mind. In fact I don’t think Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans for mobile phones was even in existence. If you want the truth I don’t think I even owned a mobile phone then. Wow, that makes me feel like a dinosaur.


When my daughter was born I had her whole life mapped out in a matter of hours. She would go to school, make lots of friends, join a lot of clubs, go to high school, attend her first dance, and then I would watch her walk across the stage in that cap and gown to get her diploma. I imagined me clapping and smiling saying “That’s my daughter!” as she moved her tassel from one side to the next. I have learned though that life can mess up even the best well laid plans.

What I didn’t expect or even think about was Dakotah being smart, I mean really smart. She wizzed through her classes all through school and then was accepted into the coveted Agriculture program at North Harford. Things were good 9th grade but in 10th grade Dakotah had a full schedule and a few AP and Honor classes. Around January of this year I got a call from the guidance counselor telling me that they couldn’t do anything more for Dakotah. I was like Uh?

Dakotah was flying through her classes and finishing well before the other students. Of course, she was done and she thought she should be able to do what she wanted because she was finished. However, when she would bring out a book or something to write in the other students would want to also and couldn’t understand why Dakotah was allowed and they weren’t. This started disrupting class and the teachers finally told her she couldn’t do that anymore which of course upset her because what was she supposed to do for a half hour?


The school didn’t know what else to do and they suggested I pull her out and let her finish her credits at the college to get her diploma. I thought this meant a GED and was like “Um, no” But after much discussion I realized this meant she was actually graduating and getting her diploma. I went into a tailspin after that because diploma meant college. College meant right now. I thought I had two more years. I think my exact thoughts were “This really sucks.”

My dream of her walking the stage were over and now it was all about college. Two years early. In fact, we are going to our first open house the 27th of this month. She has chosen 3 universities that are very expensive. So now it all about saving money. Thank god for Walmart Family Mobile and their Lowest Priced Unlimited Plan. Because she has to stay in touch with me!

Walmart Family Mobile Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans


I have a confession to make. My Mom and my brother are still on our “other” phone service. Mainly because I am waiting for the contracts to run out. Their phone bill for 2 phones, no internet, and no frills is $167.00 . If you don’t believe me I will show you a screen shot. We have five phones on Walmart Family Mobile and I pay $226.00. We get unlimited everything. It is AWESOME!

So with Dakotah going to college I know she would have to take the most awesome plan with her. What was the hard part was figuring out if we wanted to put the service in her name. Thankfully price isn’t an option because one phone with unlimited talk/text/data is only $34.99 a month. So when she gets settled and find her first job she will have the best phone service at an unbelievable price. You really can’t beat that!


Walmart Family Mobile is powered by T-Mobile, meaning you are going to get the best service possible with very little outages. I have taken my service to LA and back and I can honestly say I didn’t have any outages while I was away. I really only lose signal if I am in the country on a back road.

Also, it is reliable which is a must for Dakotah. I need to know if she is walking back to her dorm late at night that her phone is not going to fitz out on her if she gets scared and needs to call someone. I also need to know she can call me anytime because her safety and well being is important to me.

It’s not just about making phone calls though. With Walmart’s Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans she can surf the net for things for school, check her schedule, text, skype, and anything else she needs to do while being connected. It has a great speed to it and I know she will be able to do what she needs to in less time. That is the AWESOMENESS of 4G!

All this powers needs a FANTASTIC phone so we headed to Walmart to get her a great mobile phone, that has everything she needs for less than $100. It had to be less than that because college applications are not cheap!



The Nokia Lumia 521

After a lot of discussions we decided on the Nokia Lumia 521 which is on roll back from $99.99. It is a great little phone that only costs $69.88. That fit my wallet perfectly and I love things that fit my wallet!

Some of the features Dakotah liked where:

  1. She could sync her Office 365 to it. Which meant if she was without her tablet or laptop she could bring important documents up on her phone. That way she would always be up to date on what is going on and never forget an important assignment.
  2. It had great scheduling capabilities. Dakotah is still at that age where she wants to have fun more than be responsible. She is only 16 years old but she is starting to realize that college means taking responsibility for herself, and that no one is going to hold her hand to remind her an assignment is due or a test is coming up. With the scheduling she can add everything into her phone and never forget an important test.
  3. It has a Windows 8 operating system. She says it is like a computer on a phone. She can work on her laptop and seamlessly switch to her phone without missing a beat.
  4. All of her social media is at her fingertips. It won’t be all work and she will want to share all of her adventures with her friends. With the “ME” tile on the Nokia she can sync all of her social media in one spot and interact socially.


She did admit that there was a couple of things she didn’t like. Some of the apps she loves on her Android phone and iPad were not available on this phone. Also, she didn’t like that there wasn’t a front facing camera, so selfies will be hard. But all in all she agrees that it will be a great starter phone for college. When she gets older and outgrows this one she can purchase one for herself that has a little more gadgets.

Also, Nokia has a great site that will help you learn all about your new phone. It is- try.nokia.com  . There are little videos on there that show you how to customize your start screen, text, make calls, etc. It is great for someone that hasn’t used Windows 8 before or are switching to a Windows operated phone.

Setting Up Your Walmart Family Mobile Plan.


Signing up for Walmart Family Mobile is super easy. Purchase your phone and SIM Card { Pictured above }. Then go to the website  and follow the easy step to activating your phone. I have some a great post about picking the right plan for your family that will help you when choosing your plan!

I have to let my little girl go sooner than I thought I would but I know I have her the tools she needs to suceed. I also know Walmart Family Mobile will keep her connected and has their own tools that will help her accomplish whatever goals she sets for her life.

If you have a little girl, hug her tight. Time goes a lot faster than you are prepared for.










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Bobbie is a handbag addict who has a passion for product reviews, tech, and food. Her first loves are her daughters, Dakotah and Alianna. Her second loves are bacon and coffee. Lots of bacon and coffee.