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Are you looking for a nut free alternative to your Halloween candy? Then look no further than Vermont Nut Free Chocolate! Their candies are completely safe for anyone that has a nut allergy. However I can atest that if you like chocolate you will love theirs!

Message from the President:

I am the mother of a little boy with a potentially life-threatening peanut allergy. Since learning of my son’s allergy, I have had to thoroughly read ingredient labels to assure that all of the foods that he eats are safe for him.

The food product I have had the most difficulty finding that would be safe for someone with a nut allergy is chocolate. This is due mostly to the fact that many companies that produce chocolate also make chocolate with nut products on the same production lines that could cause cross contamination.

I began making chocolate for my son to enjoy so I could be certain of the ingredients that are being used. It did not take long to find out which flavors were his favorites. My husband and I enjoy the same chocolates as well. Now I would like to share them with you.

The combination of my love for my son and my passion for chocolate inspired me to start Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. At Vermont Nut Free Chocolates we only make nut free products. I fully understand the severity of this allergy and take extreme care to assure that only the finest nut free ingredients are used in my chocolates.

I truly believe that people with nut allergies, and non-allergic chocoholics alike, will find these chocolates to be among the finest tasting gourmet chocolates they have ever eaten.

I invite you to send me your comments about my chocolates. With all of these fine ingredients and great taste, who needs nuts?

Gail Elvidge
Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Vermont Nut Free  sent me a wonderful selection of their Halloween themed candies. We were thrilled when we opened the box and seen first of all it was package beautifully and secondly everything was presented stunningly.

We received the following items:

nut free

Dark Chocolate Witch Pop:

nut free

This was a little sweeter than most dark chocolates but had a good consistency. It was firm yet it melted on your tongue. It was large enough to enjoy at a couple of sittings which was nice. Especially when you are trying to watch your figure.

Crispy Pumpkin:

This was milk chocolate and had a lot of crisp to it. The flavor was excellent and again it was large enough to enjoy in a couple of sittings. Ours had melted just a bit from the heat but it didn’t deter the flavor.


Halloween Skippers:

Oh wow! These were better than M&M’s. They had a crunchy shell and a firm center. They did not melt in your hands but they also wasn’t quick to melt in your mouth either. They had an excellent flavor and were the girls’ favorite.

Jelly Beans:

Roxy does not like Jelly beans. So I was sure she wouldn’t try these but after seeing me and Avery enjoying them she decided to try them and she actually liked them! I was shocked. They had a great fruity flavor. They were soft yet a little firm in the middle. These were my favorite.

Toffee Bark:nut free

Sweet and Salty, plus crunchy. Mixed with the creamy chocolate this was a rich treat. The best way to enjoy this? Crush it up and put it over ice cream. That was awesome!!I was very pleased with this shipment and the fact it was nut free made it even better. Our school does not allow anything unless it is pre-packaged and nut free. I am so happy that I can order special treats from Vermont Nut Free and it be safe. You can find Vermont Free on Facebook. Make sure to run over there and like them!
Till We Dish Again,


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