google plusIt is not secret Facebook hates bloggers. It is true and it is very sad because bloggers could be a huge push for Facebook. Bloggers were very excited when Facebook developed fan pages. We finally had a place where we could interact with our fans and build up a new advertising base. Then it was like a light bulb went off and Facebook decided to start making us ( and everyone really ) pay to promote our posts. Now, they even want you to pay to promote your personal posts. Then, they added what is called Facebook offers and bloggers were once again excited because we could offer some affiliate links to our fans. That was short lived when some bloggers started getting their pages shut down because bloggers were not allowed to use the offer feature or include 3rd party links. I have 11,000 + fans on Facebook that I worked really hard to get and the last post I made only 153 fans saw it.

It kind of seems pointless, right? Not really, I love my Facebook fans. However, right now I am not happy with Facebook. I have been blogging about 8 years on different blogs and I have done a lot of research on social marketing and SEO. Right now all giveaways, etc, happen on Facebook. Even though, as bloggers, we see this and yet we still push to have all main posting of giveaways on Facebook, knowing they don’t even reach an 1/8th of our fan base. The horse is dead, why keep beating it? So I decided to do an experiment and see what happened. I advertised my giveaways at certain times and did them on different social networks. The surprising results? The majority of my entrants were from Google Plus. In the last week I have gotten more participation and reach from Google Plus than Twitter and Facebook combined. I was shocked.

Am I giving up on Facebook? No, because companies, brands, and bloggers still require it and I love my fans but I want to develop my reach in other places too. I have really been paying attention to Google + in the last 48 hours and so far I really like it.  I really want to start crafting my Google + and seeing how far it will go.

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Do you use Google +? If so do you like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below!





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