Cissy and Me


Friendship is such a fragile thing. As we move and evolve in life we have people that come, people that go, and people that stay. Everything has a season and it seems that is also true for friendships. Most of the time the girl that you spent hours with talking on the phone with, swearing you would be best friends forever, does not end up being your adult friend. We grow up and we move on, often times leaving those things behind.

History of a Friendship:

That brings me to the picture above. That is my friend Cissy. We were around 14 and 15 in that picture, all dressed up for our first high school homecoming. We were those girls that spent hours on the phone and swearing to be best friends forever.

We have had our share of ups and downs, spending months upon months not speaking to each other. We have hated each other, we have loved each other, and for some unknown reason just kept coming back to each other. She is my adult friend. The one I would take a bullet for, the one I am married to, more or less.

Friendship: 24+ Years Later

You may be wondering why I am telling you this and what the title in my post means. Well I showed you a picture of us going to homecoming 24+ years ago. As I write this it is early in the morning and the house is asleep. We had a big night last night. You see, 24+ years later, our daughters had their first high school homecoming. They went…together…


Our Daughters

So I ask you, Friendship, Does history repeat itself?

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