You guys know I love my in-a-mug recipes and I was shocked to find out that my Mac n Cheese in a mug was my highest viewed post last year. Amazing! So I decided to try out some more in-a-mug recipes because I really do love them. I found this French Toast recipe a while back on a site and I can’t remember which one. I know..bad Bobbie! I took it and tweaked it just a bit to my taste. Here is the recipe :)


French Toast in a Mug

You want to cut your bread in to cubes. I used white but you can use any bread you want.


Mix up your egg mixture with a whisk so it will be nice and smooth.


Make sure to really soak up the bread. That’s it..squish it..squish it good..


If you want to be extra fancy and act like you did a ton of work to get this on the table, you can transfer it to a plate before pouring the icing/glaze on it. ( i swear the icing is not grey, lol. It was the camera)


Just another pic of the french toasty goodness that tastes like heaven on a spoon..


What do you think about French Toast in a mug? Yay or Nay?


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