I am amazed to see that so many people read my blog from Maryland. I have received letters from some asking me about Havre de Grace and where is the best place to get lunch. Well if anyone knows me, knows I love to eat. So I introduce you to “Dishin’ Up Havre de Grace”. This is a series showing you my little town. Where is the best place to go? The best place to grab a bite? Stick around and I will show you. If this goes well I will include Cecil County and some surrounding states.

Today I am going to talk about pit beef. If you have never had pit beef, well, you are missing out on a treat. It is just what it sounds like. Succulent beef slow roasted over a pit. I visited Fast Eddie’s Pit Beef a lot when it was originally in Aberdeen and then it burned down. I was really sad because I loved going over there and getting a platter, then heading to Rita’s for some custard.

So, when they opened up again and this time in Havre de Grace, I was a happy camper. I had already been twice and this time was my lunch before heading to Sweet Devotions. I ordered a pit beef sandwich, rare, curly fries, and potato salad. Normally I eat my pit beef medium well but at Fast Eddie’s it is usually done when you ask like it for that, so I ask for rare. There is enough meat on one sandwich for two, but of course I don’t share. So here is my sandwich:

Au Natural:

And dressed up like I like it. Onions and BBQ sauce:

Looks yummy, uh? I will admit I was a little aggravated this time. The juices had soaked part of the bread and it caused half my sandwich bread to be a useless blob. So I had to hack it up to get a good firm serving. I was aggravated but not defeated, after all that is why knives and forks were invented. Here is my whole platter:


I was a little disappointed they changed their potato salad. I loved their old way and actually raved about it on Yelp. All in all, it is a fantastic lunch for under 15.00. It is really good and great for when you need to be quick.

Fast Eddie’s also provides Platters and Catering On Site.


Till We Dish Again,


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