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I have Verizon Wireless and used to have Unlimited everything until they switched up their plans. I was grandfathered in for awhile until my phone broke, new phone equaled new plan. So I went on a search for a new unlimited plan. I was hooked up by #cbias and given a chance to check out the Family Mobile Plan with T-Mobile, squee! I couldn’t wait to get started and nearly attacked our UPS guy when he brought my new phone!


Pretty awesome, right? Before we get into all the fun stuff I want to talk to you about my current plan. Like I said it is with Verizon and we have 5 phones on the service. We get 6gb of data, unlimited texting and calls. I know that sounds good but not when I am forking out $335.00 for the privilege of that service. That is a huge amount of money for me each month. I won’t lie, sometimes I am sweating bullets, scared I am not going to make the bill. It is getting harder and harder to pay. In a way it makes me sad because we have been with Verizon for a long time. Also, we cut off our house phone so we have to have cell phones.

I was really intrigued with the Family Mobile Plan through Walmart. T-Mobile has pretty good service in my area so I was anxious to try it out. I headed over to Walmart (see my full shopping trip HERE) to pick up my starter kit and talk to someone in the Electronics section about my plan. They made it pretty simple for me and as we talked I picked up these key points.

  • It is $40.00 for the first line and then $35.00 for each additional line.
  • A starter kit ($25.00 each) is mandatory for each line.
  • There is no annual contract
  • It is unlimited Web, Text and Calls ( also includes nationwide)
  • You have options for a fee. Such as data boosts, downloads, etc.
  • You can use your own phone provided it is a GSM phone or unlocked. Unfortunately if you have Verizon or Sprint you won’t be able to use your own phone. However, you may be able to call those carriers and get them to unlock it for you.
  • My Family of 5 phones would be $180.00 ( minus any extras I decided to include)

Say what? That is almost half off my cell phone bill! This was looking better and better. I had brought my phone to Walmart so they were able to put my sim card in for me and then when I got home I was able to activate my phone online. The display at Walmart really helps you with determining your service and has a huge display with pamphlets. You can’t miss it:


As you can see you have several options for phones, including the Samsung Galaxy and my new phone, the myTouch from T Mobile. Which I am totally in love with so far! Underneath the display is your starter kits and data boosts, etc.



When I got home I went online and activated my phone HERE. It was really easy to do and I even got the option of picking a new number or keeping my old one. Since I am still tethered to Verizon for a little while longer, I chose a new number.

Tmobile Sign Up


Since this was my first phone I picked the first option and clicked next. ( I skipped the parts where I had to fill out my info, sorry I love you guys but not enough to give all that out, lol) After I filled out all my info, it gave me the details of my plan and the option to buy a boost. I did purchase the 3gb for $20.00 because I am a heavy app user and keep up with a lot of my blogging e-mail, etc by phone. That is optional though. From what I understand a family of 2 that moderately uses apps, e-mail, etc can get by with 1gb of data.

Tmobile Sign Up2


After I ordered my plan and activated my phone I was prompted to sign up at the website so I could keep up to date on all of my phone usage. Let me say that you are not billed right away. You are billed a prorated bill in about two weeks. Also, there is no credit checks, so if you have bad credit you can still get a cell phone.



So you may be asking “How do you like it so far?” So far I really do like the plan. I haven’t had any issues, except when my daughter had her chorus concert. It is in a very rural area and it kept dropping but most plans do there, including my Verizon. I think the thing I am most impressed with is the speed of the Internet. It is way faster than Verizon and I also have a lot more bars. You can see here:


I can play all my games, check e-mail andFacebook/Twitter. I will know more in a month and will definitely be doing a follow up post, so be on the look out for it! To learn more about unlimited plans follow the hash tag #familymobilesaves on Twitter.

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Bobbie is a handbag addict who has a passion for product reviews, tech, and food. Her first loves are her daughters, Dakotah and Alianna. Her second loves are bacon and coffee. Lots of bacon and coffee.

Author: Bobbie

Bobbie is a handbag addict who has a passion for product reviews, tech, and food. Her first loves are her daughters, Dakotah and Alianna. Her second loves are bacon and coffee. Lots of bacon and coffee.