What the Precision Pro Does

The Eatsmart Precision Pro is a versatile, multifunction home appliance perfect for everyday tasks from weighing food or ingredients to calculating postage. It helps simplify life in the kitchen while allowing people to easily maintain their diets. Other innovative features include:

  • Lightweight and compact; The Pro weighs only 13 ounces and is capable of weighing up to  11 lbs
  • Measurement Modes of pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms.
  • Tare feature; Subtract the weight of any plate or container.
Why the Precision Pro Makes a Great Gift

Priced at only $25, the Precision Pro is the perfect Holiday gadget for anyone in the family who cooks, bakes or diets.  Our satisfied customers agree that the Pro is “just the right size and doesn’t take up too much counter space”. It’s available in five different colors to match any kitchen décor. This scale is perfect for multiple groups of people including:

  • Bakers – Good bakers prefer weighing their ingredients instead of measuring by volume.
  • Cooks – Measuring is easier and cleaner and results in fewer dirty measuring cups. You can measure everything right into your mixing bowl.
  • Weight Loss / Disease Management – The scale includes a FREE EatSmart Calorie Factors book for easy calorie counting.
  • Health Conscious – Easily measure portion sizes to make sure you’re controlling your dietary goals and staying on track.
  • Money Saver – Buy your food in bulk and make your own 100 calorie packs.
EatSmart Precision Pro- My Review:
I was very intrigued with the EatSmart Precision Pro. It seemed to pack a lot of power in a little scale. When I received it, I opened it right away. It is very lightweight and really does not take up much space on your counter. It is not really bulky at all.  It has different weighing options:
  • Grams
  • Kilograms
  • Ounces
  • Pounds
I really wanted to use this for the calorie counter. If anyone has read my blog for any length of time they will notice I have a problem with my weight. I thought this would be awesome to check my calories during the day. When you are measuring for calories it needs to be on grams and you have to tare the weight of the bowl or plate if you are using one. I chose to do bananas. I normally eat corn flakes with bananas in the morning. I placed the bananas on a paper towel to weigh them.
EatSmart Precision Pro
The precision pro comes with a neat little book that has hundreds of calorie factors. Using the calorie factor number and multiplying it by the weight ( which is 1.16 ozs for the bananas) will give you your actual calorie consumption. At first I was a little frustrated by the fact I would have to use math but once I did it, I couldn’t believe how easy it was!
The calorie factor for raw bananas was 89. So I multiplied 89 x 1.16= and after rounding the number I figured out I added a 103 calories to my cereal. I was shocked! I thought bananas was low calories but figured out I was doubling the calories by using a whole banana. Needless to say, I will be using a half of banana now.
I am very impressed with the EatSmart Precision Pro. I will definitely be using it to count calories and my Mom ( Nana Helen) is very anxious to use it in her baking to get more precise measurements for her ingredients. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone that is counting calories, cooks a lot, bakes a lot, or just wants to eat more healthy.

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{ I received the above product for review. The thoughts and opinions of said products are mine and 100% true}

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