I used to crochet many years ago but kids, work etc left me with little time to do any type of crafting. I really loved making jewelry and crocheting but sometimes you have to be a Mom ( and breadwinner) first. Now that my girlies are older I find I have more free time. Unfortunately, ( or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the girls are at the ages they don’t necessarily want to hang out with me. They are too busy with school or hanging with their friends online. I am okay with that..sometimes. But I have to admit that I now have more time for some of the things I stopped doing.

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Let me just say again, I loved crocheting. That however does not mean I was very good at it. I am really not what you call the crafty type. Things have changed since 2000. Back when I learned I didn’t have the internet at my fingertips. My friend Kris showed me the basics but after that I was on my own. My Mom helped me as much as she could but I am not the fastest learner. So I bought books, A LOT of books. Then I borrowed books from the library. I practiced, I learned and made some cute things. It was fun and gave me a creative outlet.

But now you have all of these videos, lessons online and thousands of free patterns. There are stitches I have never heard of and let me just say, there is nothing magical about a magic circle. It is like a gold mine of crafty goodness. And I am not even going to get started on the jewelry tutorials. I can learn so much easier now because I can watch people. It is AMAZING! Well to me anyway. I still don’t have a lot of time, I have to find quick projects. Well, it is not just time. I don’t have a lot of patience for huge projects. I want to make something in an evening or a couple of days at the most.

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When I made jewelry I made all of my Moms earrings and still do on occasion. So when I saw these really cute crocheted rose earrings I had to make them. My Mom adores roses and earrings, so it was the perfect combo. They were fairly easy to make but I really had a hard time with the little hook and thread. I wanted to stab my eye out a couple of times. But I am getting better with it and bought some comfort handle hooks. They do make it easier.

This pattern is free from Red Heart. You may have to sign up for the site but it is really easy and you can check that you don’t want mail. They have a lot of great patterns and some easy, fast projects.

Do you love to crochet? If so, what is on your hook this week?

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