I love making jewelry. I don’t get as much time to as I used to but I still love looking at projects. Remember it is only 19 weeks until Christmas!!Nothing says I love you more than a special gift you made with your own hands.

Some of my projects :)

If you need some more ideas on different accessories, you can use this to help you out!

I have made this one several times using different focal beads. It is an easy project for beginners and even advanced jewelry artists that just want a quick and easy project.

I make all my Moms earrings. I get ideas from here because she loves chandelier earrings. Also, look around the site and the pictures. You may find designs you want to try using different beads and findings.

I really love Better Homes and Gardens. They have some lovely jewelry ideas. I suggest the jewelry ideas that use recycled items. I do that a lot. I find vintage or old jewelry at thrift stores and yard sales then pull them apart and recycle them into something completely different. It is so much fun designing something from scratch using something that someone else wore. I always think about the person that may have worn the original piece. Who they were, how they got it and what occasions did they wear it for J

This favorite jewelry magazine. The creations in this are so original and I enjoy trying some of their projects. I love their site too and get a lot of ideas from it.

Some tips:
1. *Buy a good jewelry tool starter set. You can get one from Michaels, JoAnne’s or any other supply store.

2. *Make sure you have all the supplies you need. Wire, crimp beads, closures, tools, glue, and anything else you need for your project. There is nothing worse than starting a project only to find that you don’t have everything you need.

3. * Invest in a couple of things. A beading board is great for sizing and keeping up with your supplies. You can get those for under 10.00 at Wal Mart. Also, get something to display your jewelry on if you are going to take pics. It looks a lot nicer than just laying it on the table. Also it shows others how it will set on their body. This is extremely important if you want to sell the piece.

4. *Everyone wants to make money but please remember that you and bout 35,000 other people are trying to sell their jewelry. Don’t be upset if you don’t sell anything. You would be better trying at a local craft fair or flea market.

5. *If you are wanting to do seed bead projects use delicas beads for them. They are a little more expensive but set better. They are all the same size so they lock with each other well. Also, you can make patterns out of any image so you may want to invest in pattern maker software.

6. *Don’t limit yourself. There are so many options out there besides the normal jewelry. You can make photo jewelry, dog tags, cameos, etc.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading and found something fun to make! I hope to do some more like these in the coming months!

Till We Dish Again,


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