I am celebrating my fans by hosting a Diamond Candle Giveaway opp! The first link ( Facebook Fan Page ) is free. You must advertise the Giveaway sign ups to be eligible for the free link.  To sweeten the pot I will also be including a 10.00 prize to the blogger that has the most referrals. If you do not wish to advertise the giveaway opp then please send 2.00 for your Facebook link to be included (paypal addy is in the sign up form). I will be checking to make sure the giveaway was advertised if you do the free link.

Additional links are available and are 1.00 each. Any money raised will go toward the Diamond Candle and any other give-aways.

Signups begin now and will end on July 25th. The rafflecopter code will go out July 27th. It is strongly encouraged you join my facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/416893328345719/. It is not a requirement but this is where I will do all communication for the event.

Event will run from August 5th to the 31st. You must advertise the give away at least 2x weekly.

Winner will receive one diamond candle of their choice.




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