David’s Cookies

David’s Cookies has been in business since 1979. Their Cookies, Cakes, and yummy gifts are baked right before shipping and kosher OUD certified.  They are reasonably priced and even the shipping is low  ($4.95 for 2-day air, $12 for overnight, free shipping for many items).  They have a great selection for gifts and they come with a complimentary gift message for the recipient.

I had the opportunity to review their decedent Classic Truffle Cake. Can we just say “Yum!” The package arrived over night and was well protected. As you can see above in the picture the cake arrived perfect. It was in a large box with a styrofoam case in the box. After opening it I found another box and dry ice. I was glad to see they placed a warning about dry ice causing burns if touched with bare hands. After safely removing the dry ice I retrieved the cake. It was packaged with a air tight wrapper and a strong piece of cardboard around the cake to protect it. Everything was easy to remove and the cake remained perfect. Every rosette was untouched and even the cocoa powder on top remained intact.

After getting our plates and forks we sat down to taste this wonderful treat. The first bite was heaven. Think about all the truffles you have eaten and then multiply that. It was fresh just like I would have received at a bakery. The truffle was firm but melted in the mouth, just like any good truffle should be. The cocoa powder gave a nice contrast to the rich truffle and it was rich. This cake is definitely worth the $44.95 price tag. I feel that is a fair price for such a wonderful treat. If truffles is not your thing it would make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Another thing I loved is that there are no preservatives. You could taste that in the cake. It was heaven!

After eating my treat I went back to David’s Cookies website and checked out some of their other offerings and was quite surprised with their selection. They have gift baskets for any occasion. I was really pleased with the cheesecake section because I am a huge fan of cheesecake. While clicking links I found they had a monthly gift club for cookies, desserts, cheesecakes, and brownies. Those would make an amazing gift for that someone special in your life! Another thing I was pleasantly surprised with was that they have tarts. I must admit I have never had a tart before and if I was going to try one it would be from here.

All in all this was an exceptional experience. I loved the speed of the shipping ( within 24 hours it was in my hands), the care they took packing the cake so it would arrive gorgeous, and the taste was unbelievable. I would highly recommend this site for gifts or even just to treat yourself!

Till We Dish Again,

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