We are beef eaters here. Especially my Dad. I think he could eat a cow if he was able. Steaks are served with grandness in our house and none of us really like it smothered in anything. While a lot of people like onions, mushrooms, blue cheese, and bacon we eat ours plain with just a little dipping sauce. The sauce in our house Heinz 57, until now. I was so happy to see I had a shipment from Country Bob’s coming. When it arrived and I opened it I found two bottles of their All Purpose Sauce. I will admit I could have used one and gave one away but..umm..not happening. This sauce is sooo good I am keeping both bottles and ordering more.

We had steak Labor Day weekend and we tried the sauce. It was rich with a sweet yet tangy taste and it paired perfectly with our steak. I had to try it on my potatoes and wow! It really spiced them up and it tasted so good! Let me warn you know, it is addicting. My dad added it to eggs and it was good. I couldn’t believe there was such a wonderful sauce out there and we didn’t know it existed. I don’t really recommend, recommend stuff. I am more of a try it yourself and then tell me kind of girl but I am recommending this sauce! It is delish and can be paired with so many food items.

My mom actually made hamburgers with it and I unfortunately did not get a photo because they were swooped up quickly but here is the recipe:

Nana’s Country Bob’s Hamburgers:

Serves 6

Calories– Don’t ask, this isn’t for health nuts


3lbs of beef

1 onion chopped fine

1 cup cheddar cheese

1/2 cup Country Bob’s Sauce divided


In a large bowl mix up all the ingredients and add 1/4 cup of the Sauce. Take the meat mixture and pat it out on a clean surface. Using a glass or cutter cut out 6 burgers. Roll up the scraps in saran wrap and save for meatloaf the next day. In a skillet heat about 2 tbsp of oil if your pan is non non-stick, if it is no oil is needed. ( my mom uses a cast iron skillet for everything). Lay your hamburgers in the skillet and turn it on to med-high heat. Fry until they are done to your liking. Remove from the pan and put on platter. Brush the remaining sauce over the burgers. Serve with buns and whatever condiments you like.

OMG! These were the best burgers ever. They were juicy and flavorable. I definitely recommend you try them! You can find Country Bob’s on Facebook HERE. If you would rather follow them on Twitter you can do so HERE. There all purpose sauce is priced at $13.96 for a half case and trust me, it is worth it! Just be warned you will be ordering from them a lot. I am telling you it is addicting!

Till We Dish Again,

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