Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

I love chocolate covered strawberries! Especially when strawberries are in season and they are ripe and juicy. I was in the mood for chocolate covered strawberries the other day but couldn’t find any good strawberries. So combining some recipes I made a stunning chocolate covered strawberry cupcake that was the bomb! If you want to make a good impression, make this cupcake. I thought about using a devils food cupcake but then thought the yellow would give it more of a shortcake type feel.

I piped the yummy frosting inside so the cupcake would look like this when someone bit into it or cut it:




Yellow Cupcake recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart, Icing recipe is from an old Kitchen Aid mini book that come with a mixer and coating is courtesy of a chocolate bar. All I did was crave a chocolate covered strawberry and combined that craving into a cupcake..because I am awesome like that..haha.


  1. Kathy Smith says

    these cupcakes look delicious and I love strawberry and chocolate. This one is my favorite. Thanks for recipe.


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