Luxury Cars and Safety

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When you think about a luxury car, safety is not the first thing that comes into your mind. Speed, insanely expensive, but never safety. But it might surprise you just how safe these cars really are. I mean, they have the top crash test score out of any other car. That’s not the only thing though. Listed below are some other top safety features included in most luxury cars.

Airbags aplenty: Most luxury cars include a lot of airbags. Front airbags are required for all cars, but side impact ones are not. Still, most luxury cars include them, along with airbags in the back. Curtain ones are added in order to protect the head of the passengers.

Head restraints: Yes, that does sound scary and like a mediaeval version of headrests. In reality though, they’re used in order to protect from whiplash injuries due to a rear end collision.

Headlights and night vision: Luxury vehicles are at the top of most of the latest advantages. Including headlights. Xenon high-intensity-discharge headlights and LED headlamps are superior to conventional incandescent. They’re brighter, they cover a wider field of view, and they produce more ultraviolet light, which better illuminates reflective road signs.

Night vision is something totally different: Adapted from military use, cameras in the grille or front bumper see infrared heat rather than light. A result of this is, headlights of oncoming cars appearing as a dot instead of a bright glare, and animals and humans stick out more.

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High End Accessories For Your Luxury Car

close-up of car start and stop button. Modern car interior with dashboard and cockpit details
close-up of car start and stop button. Modern car interior with dashboard and cockpit details

Luxury vehicles come with many standard features and many upgraded features. But what about features that are not included?

When you are buying a luxury vehicle you want all the bells and whistles but you also want to make it yours. Give it some individually.

Some features you can get directly from the dealer and some need to be special ordered. Below are some high end features that will give your car not only individuality but also some class. Some are functional and all about safety but a couple are all about comfort and style.

High End Accessories For Your Luxury Car

SpecV Brakes. Yes, these are probably the most expensive thing on this list but they are so worth it. Using Bilstein dampers, they keep the car flat and stable while it brakes. This is done to eliminate much of the nose dive effect that comes with the car when it brakes in a sudden motion.

Blind spot warning. How many times has someone cut you off, or you haven’t seen them in your blind spot? It would be a shame to have a scratch on that new 100,000 dollar car, or worse: wreck it and cause injury to yourself and your passengers. With the blind spot warning system, it’ll tell you when someone is in your blind spot and to be careful when turning or changing lanes


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Steps To Build The Porsche Of Your Dreams

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Buying a Porsche is a personal decision, so it should reflect your personality. Maybe you have been dreaming of this since you were a kid or maybe you just decided to get a Porsche. Either way if you are going to buy a vehicle as luxurious and amazing as a Porsche, you need to build it to your specifications.

You can pick your color, wheels, performance, and audio communications packages. When buying a luxury vehicle like a Porsche you want to feel like it is completely yours when you slide into that driver seat.

Steps To Build The Porsche Of Your Dreams

Color- Want to make a statement? Choose lava orange. Want something classy and a little more subtle? You want Carrara White Metallic. Color is important because it is the first thing you see, so make it reflect you!

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Family Car How To’s

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Now a days when buying a family car safety and plenty of room are two of the top requested features. But what should you look for in a family car? You will spend a good chunk of your time in your car and you need it to be comfortable. Keep reading for some great tips on choosing a family car.

High Safety Rating and Plentiful Features

It is essential to choose a vehicle that has many accident preventative measures built into it. The first thing you should check is the crash test rating of the car. If it receives top marks for all crash angles, the car is considered to be very safe. Acceptable safety ratings are the minimum that you should consider for a family car. Other safety options include rear-view cameras, blind spot detection alarms, front and side airbags, and more.

Good Handling and Drive-Ability

A good family car should make both Mom, Dad, Grandma Anne, Uncle Joe, and the legal age children all feel comfortable at the wheel. The controls should be well-placed and intuitive. A family car should be easy to maneuver and offer a smooth ride. Cars with very stiff suspensions are not suited for families unless every member is a street racer. Kids, especially infants, are very sensitive to noise and roughness.

Lots of Space and Comfort

While space and comfort are closely related, other aspects affect comfort in positive and negative ways. Interior materials are one of them. A car with rigid racing seats or sticky leather seats is probably not comfortable nor practical for a family. Stick to ordinary fabrics for comfort and ease of cleaning.

Sufficient Cargo

Another area to look for space and comfort is the cargo area. Having plenty of trunk and cabin space is a must with a family. Cars with seats that fold down are perfect for transporting large objects or those family trips when you need everything but the kitchen sink.

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How to Keep Your Car Organized With Kids

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It is that time of year again. Time to organize the car and get it ready for those road trips, trips to the pool, or just trips to get the kids out of the house. One thing those trips have in common? Trash in the car. If not trash, then most definitely the kids toys, art supplies, or anything else you used to keep them occupied. It can be a struggle to keep it all organized and clean. Thankfully we have some great ideas to keep your car organized and your sanity intact.

Buy a cheap makeup bag to keep art supplies in.

You could use a bag or even a plastic case but makeup bags can be pretty good for all art supplies. They are a little bigger, zip up nicely and most of the time have two zippered pockets. The best part? They have plastic lining to protect against melted crayons and other art disasters. You may not be able to save the bag but you saved your car floors and seats. Plus they can be cheap. Most dollar stores sell them for around $2.00. You can stock it with pencils, crayons (or colored pencils) a small notepad, and eraser. Plenty of room and it stays organized.

Hang a small shoe organizer over the back of the seat.

It may not be the most fashionable thing but you can get a children sized shoe organizer at the dollar store and organize small items. It is great for wipes, a sippy cup, lotion, extra diapers, dvd’s, etc.

Buy a bead container for snacks

You can find these at a craft store or even Walmart. They are square containers that have spaces to put beads. Another good use for them is to organize snacks. You can put different snacks in each compartment. This keeps snack size bags, boxes, etc. from littering your car floor. Plus it gives your child a choice in snacks and may ward off the “But I don’t want that” cries.

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