Steps To Build The Porsche Of Your Dreams

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Buying a Porsche is a personal decision, so it should reflect your personality. Maybe you have been dreaming of this since you were a kid or maybe you just decided to get a Porsche. Either way if you are going to buy a vehicle as luxurious and amazing as a Porsche, you need to build it to your specifications.

You can pick your color, wheels, performance, and audio communications packages. When buying a luxury vehicle like a Porsche you want to feel like it is completely yours when you slide into that driver seat.

Steps To Build The Porsche Of Your Dreams

Color- Want to make a statement? Choose lava orange. Want something classy and a little more subtle? You want Carrara White Metallic. Color is important because it is the first thing you see, so make it reflect you!

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Family Car How To’s

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Now a days when buying a family car safety and plenty of room are two of the top requested features. But what should you look for in a family car? You will spend a good chunk of your time in your car and you need it to be comfortable. Keep reading for some great tips on choosing a family car.

High Safety Rating and Plentiful Features

It is essential to choose a vehicle that has many accident preventative measures built into it. The first thing you should check is the crash test rating of the car. If it receives top marks for all crash angles, the car is considered to be very safe. Acceptable safety ratings are the minimum that you should consider for a family car. Other safety options include rear-view cameras, blind spot detection alarms, front and side airbags, and more.

Good Handling and Drive-Ability

A good family car should make both Mom, Dad, Grandma Anne, Uncle Joe, and the legal age children all feel comfortable at the wheel. The controls should be well-placed and intuitive. A family car should be easy to maneuver and offer a smooth ride. Cars with very stiff suspensions are not suited for families unless every member is a street racer. Kids, especially infants, are very sensitive to noise and roughness.

Lots of Space and Comfort

While space and comfort are closely related, other aspects affect comfort in positive and negative ways. Interior materials are one of them. A car with rigid racing seats or sticky leather seats is probably not comfortable nor practical for a family. Stick to ordinary fabrics for comfort and ease of cleaning.

Sufficient Cargo

Another area to look for space and comfort is the cargo area. Having plenty of trunk and cabin space is a must with a family. Cars with seats that fold down are perfect for transporting large objects or those family trips when you need everything but the kitchen sink.

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How to Keep Your Car Organized With Kids

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It is that time of year again. Time to organize the car and get it ready for those road trips, trips to the pool, or just trips to get the kids out of the house. One thing those trips have in common? Trash in the car. If not trash, then most definitely the kids toys, art supplies, or anything else you used to keep them occupied. It can be a struggle to keep it all organized and clean. Thankfully we have some great ideas to keep your car organized and your sanity intact.

Buy a cheap makeup bag to keep art supplies in.

You could use a bag or even a plastic case but makeup bags can be pretty good for all art supplies. They are a little bigger, zip up nicely and most of the time have two zippered pockets. The best part? They have plastic lining to protect against melted crayons and other art disasters. You may not be able to save the bag but you saved your car floors and seats. Plus they can be cheap. Most dollar stores sell them for around $2.00. You can stock it with pencils, crayons (or colored pencils) a small notepad, and eraser. Plenty of room and it stays organized.

Hang a small shoe organizer over the back of the seat.

It may not be the most fashionable thing but you can get a children sized shoe organizer at the dollar store and organize small items. It is great for wipes, a sippy cup, lotion, extra diapers, dvd’s, etc.

Buy a bead container for snacks

You can find these at a craft store or even Walmart. They are square containers that have spaces to put beads. Another good use for them is to organize snacks. You can put different snacks in each compartment. This keeps snack size bags, boxes, etc. from littering your car floor. Plus it gives your child a choice in snacks and may ward off the “But I don’t want that” cries.

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6 Tips for a Successful Summer Road Trip

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Get your car ready to go

Check your tires and make sure they are properly inflated, wiper blades, work, fluids are topped off, air conditioning works, and hoses are in good working order. Check all your lights and turn signals. Remove any “excess” baggage to make the car lighter. Also check your spare tire and make sure it is inflated and usable. Don’t forget jumper cables and a jack.

Have an emergency kit ready and in the car

Sometimes something will happen on the road and you may need something. Pack a mini tool kit, extra cell phone charger, flares, paper towels, drinking water, first aid kit, work gloves, and nonperishable food. That way if you are stuck on the side of the road you have the essentials. Also it may be a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes just in case you have to change a tire and get the ones you are wearing messed up. It seems like a given but make sure you have a cell phone to call road side assistance, 911, or a tow truck if needed. We actually keep a prepaid cell phone in the car for emergencies. Just make sure you charge it before leaving. If you have a service such as OnStar make sure the bill is paid up and you have minutes for phone calls.

Also, please, please buy a window punch and put it in the glove box. If anything happens and you are trapped in the car this is a must needed tool to break the window and exit the vehicle. Every car should have one.

Know your way

GPS is wonderful and a great invention for road trips. It is great to be able to just enter in a destination and go. But sometimes they are not reliable. I remember one time we used the GPS in Florida and it took us to a not-so-safe neighborhood. Study your route, get to know it, and figure out stops along the way. That way if the GPS has you turned around, you will be able to figure it out. Also, bring a paper map. People used paper maps for hundreds of years and found their way. Technology is a tool, nothing more.

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6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready For Spring

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Spring is right around the corner and it won’t be long until we can drive with the windows down and the wind in our hair. The winter can be dark, dismal, and downright depressing. It can also be a workout in snow covered areas. All that shoveling, throwing ice, and cleaning off your car can build some big muscles. If you are tired of winter can you imagine how your car feels? All that nasty weather can be really hard on your car. Spring is a great time to check all those things you couldn’t in the winter and get it all ready for those summer vacations and spring drives!

Get rid of road salt on the undercarriage

Snow can bring some messy roads and that brings out the salt trucks. If you look on the bottom of your car after driving salted roads you will see grime and dirt. Easy enough to wash but can you imagine what your car looks like underneath, where you can’t see? To get rid of that all you need to do is attach a sprayer to your garden hose and spray under your vehicle. This will loosen the salt, dirt, and grime. Since you will be using a lot of water, I suggest doing this on the lawn so the water is not wasted.

Change your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers go through a lot in the winter. After an especially snowy season they can look like they just went to battle, and lost. It is a good idea to replace your blades for spring. Measure them before you leave to insure a perfect fit.

Check Your Tires

Spring is the perfect time to check the tread and condition of your tires. Not only can driving on salted roads damage them but the damage left behind by plow trucks can wreak havoc on the treads. Check for wear and also air pressure. Warmer weather can make them a little softer, so top them up if needed. It may also be a great time to get them rotated.

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