6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready For Spring

puppy looking out the car window

Spring is right around the corner and it won’t be long until we can drive with the windows down and the wind in our hair. The winter can be dark, dismal, and downright depressing. It can also be a workout in snow covered areas. All that shoveling, throwing ice, and cleaning off your car can build some big muscles. If you are tired of winter can you imagine how your car feels? All that nasty weather can be really hard on your car. Spring is a great time to check all those things you couldn’t in the winter and get it all ready for those summer vacations and spring drives!

Get rid of road salt on the undercarriage

Snow can bring some messy roads and that brings out the salt trucks. If you look on the bottom of your car after driving salted roads you will see grime and dirt. Easy enough to wash but can you imagine what your car looks like underneath, where you can’t see? To get rid of that all you need to do is attach a sprayer to your garden hose and spray under your vehicle. This will loosen the salt, dirt, and grime. Since you will be using a lot of water, I suggest doing this on the lawn so the water is not wasted.

Change your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers go through a lot in the winter. After an especially snowy season they can look like they just went to battle, and lost. It is a good idea to replace your blades for spring. Measure them before you leave to insure a perfect fit.

Check Your Tires

Spring is the perfect time to check the tread and condition of your tires. Not only can driving on salted roads damage them but the damage left behind by plow trucks can wreak havoc on the treads. Check for wear and also air pressure. Warmer weather can make them a little softer, so top them up if needed. It may also be a great time to get them rotated.

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