The Top Purchased Used Cars

Looking for a used car? Don’t know which car to purchase? Well we are here to help! After much research we have found the top used cars that have been purchased. Whether you are looking for a truck or small 4 door, we have you covered.


Ford 150:

  • Pro’s:
    • Reliability
    • Sporty Look
    • A lot of power ( V6)
    • Sits up to 6 people.
  • Cons
    • Higher Hood can diminish visibilty

Ford Fusion:

  • Pro’s:
    • Amazing styling
    • Very roomy with a lot of leg room
    • Awesome fuel economy
  • Cons:
    • Navigation could use improvement
    • Not good for large families

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How To Buy A Used Car Like A Boss

puppy looking out the car window


It is time buy a used car. It can be a confusing and stressful time in anyone’s life. How do you know you are getting the best deal? How do you know that you aren’t getting ripped off? Below we will show you how to buy a used car like a boss. With this checklist you will wow your dealer and they will be amazed when you drive off into the sunset.


  • Talk Money- What can you afford? Are you paying cash or financing? If you are financing calculate how much you can afford each month, including the insurance and tags. Also, to keep monthly payments low it is a good practice to save money so you will have some to pay down on it. It can lower your monthly payments and make them more managable.
  • Find The Right Car- Whether you want something for looks or stability, you need to find the perfect one. Make a checklist of everything you want in a vehicle and then find one that has the most. Chances are you won’t find one with everything you want, but most of what you want and need. Trust me, AC is important in the summer time.

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Checklist For Buying A Used Car

close-up of car start and stop button. Modern car interior with dashboard and cockpit details
close-up of car start and stop button. Modern car interior with dashboard and cockpit details

If you are thinking about buying a new car you need to know what to look for so you don’t buy a lemon. Buying a used car should be easy and a pleasant experience. Below is a quick checklist of things you should look for when you buy a used car.


☐ Electrical components- Check the AC, radio, heat, and other components in the vehicle. That way there are no surprises when you get it home.

☐ Engine Oil Cap -Open the engine oil cap and look inside for oil sludge—the thick black build-up on internal parts.

☐ Battery- Check for acid wear and tear around the battery as this indicates that the car has not been maintained properly.

☐ Leaks – After the test drive, park the car on a clean surface for at least 30 minutes. Check that there are no oil leaks from the engine or gearbox.

☐ Engine- The engine should purr and not make any spluttering or knocking noises, especially while changing gears.


You can print out the full checklist HERE


Buying Your Teen Their First Car



I have a 16 year old daughter that is looking for a car right now. It is a very scary and stressful experience, for both of us. She has the joy of being in debt for the first time and I have the joy of worrying about her coming home in one piece. During the experience I have gleaned some useful tips to help with the process and maybe make it less stressful for you. If that is possible.


  1. Research- First thing to do is use the trusty internet to research what type of car your teen wants. Please be advised, teens are stupid. When I asked my daughter what was the most important thing to her was, she said a place for her iPhone. No joke. So, you may have to take the reigns on this one to insure they get a car that is going to get them to point a and b safely. Even if it means no iPhone port.
  2. Establish a Budget- First things first, your teen needs a job even if you are buying the car for them. It still needs gas and insurance. They should take on some of the responsibility because not only will it help them grow but help them understand a budget. It is a good lesson that will follow them all their life. Maybe even offer to pay half and they pay the other half. That will also teach them about saving.
  3. Financing- If you are not paying cash that means you will have a loan payment. Make sure your teen is on it and stress to them the responsibility of paying some, if not all of it. Also, don’t coddle them. If they are late, let them be late. It is an important lesson.Buying a car for your teen is a great moment to discuss the important factors that are up for consideration when taking out a loan for a big purchase like a car or house.

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Buying Your First Used Car


Buying your first used car can be a rewarding experience and also a confusing one. If you don’t know what you are doing you could end up buying something you didn’t even want. So what should you look for when buying your first used car? Below is a list of things you may want to check on before making that plunge.


Get Pre-Approved For Financing

Before stepping on the lot make sure you can get financed. If this is your first car ever you may not be able to get financing at a good rate. Make sure you know how much you can borrow and what the payments actually will be. Sometimes it may cheaper to pay in cash. Also, if it is possible get a cosigner if you can’t afford cash and have no credit rating.


Get Internet Quotes:

Most dealerships have a way for you to get a quote from the comfort of your own home. Don’t be afraid to use this resource. That way you know exactly what you want and how much it is going to cost before you even step on the lot.


Take A Friend:

Sometimes it is best to take a friend with you that can keep a level head while you go through the buying process. That way if you don’t understand something they can help explain it or maybe even keep you from doing something that won’t be viable in the long run.

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