FIAT Shopping For Your Teenager


Believe it or not 16 years flies by really fast. Before you know it your baby is ready for driver’s ed and on the way to driving a car. If you are a one car family or even a two car family, chances are they will need their own vehicle.

However, before you run out and buy your teen the car of their dreams you need to ask yourself some questions. Buying a car is a big deal and sometimes when you jump in feet first it can be a disaster!

Are they mature enough? Driving is hard. You have to pay attention to everything. Your surroundings, road laws, and of course, other drivers. Is your teen mature enough to deal with all that? Not only that but having a car is a big responsibility. If your teen can’t even keep their room clean or turn in their homework, they may not be ready for a car.

Are they going to college? This may seem like an odd question but a lot of parents don’t know that universities and colleges do not allow freshman’s to bring their own vehicle. That means if they are going to school you will need to store the car until they are allowed to bring it.

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Car Insurance For Your Subaru


Insurance is a necessity when you buy a new or used car. Every state require every driver to have a valid driver license, tags, and insurance. For a lot of people insurance is an added bill that strains your budget. Below is 5 ways to save money on your insurance and possibly let your wallet breathe a little easier.

Get All your Insurance From One Insurance Company- If you have more than one car get your insurance from the same insurance. Some insurance companies to offer you a discount if you bundle your insurance. But more importantly it is easier to have your cars under the same insurance.

Safer and Low Profile Cars Cost Less to Insure- We all have dreams of owning a luxury SUV or sports car but if your budget is screaming a cheaper, low profile car may be best for you. You won’t get as many ooh’s and ahh’s but your pocket book will thank you.

Better Credit Score May Mean Lower Insurance Premiums- This isn’t always true but if you go with one of the widely known insurance companies your credit score could play a big role on how much your insurance will cost. A good rule of thumb is to check your credit score before shopping for insurance. When you decide on your company then make sure to tell them you have a good credit rating.

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When To Replace Your Car Battery


It’s happened to all of us and usually when we are the busiest. We get in the car to go run errands, turn the switch, and nothing. The car is dead. Nothing is bringing it back to life but a jump and if it is totally dead not even that will help. Talk about frustrating, I have beat the steering wheel a couple of times.

Is there anyway to tell your batter may be going bad? Actually there are some signs that may reveal your battery has had it.

Bloating battery case- If your battery case looks like it ate too many chicken wings the night before it is probably time to change it. This is usually caused by excessive heat.

Low battery fluid- If the fluid is below the plates inside it is time to have the battery and charging system tested.

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5 Simple Used Car Shopping Tips


Did you know that a used car doesn’t mean a five year old car? Sometimes you can get the “same year” model for thousands cheaper because they are cars that were traded in and can’t be sold as new cars. Even if it is five years old that doesn’t mean it is ready for the junk heap. A lot of older vehicles still have plenty of juice left in them. Not only can you save thousands of dollars, you can get a nice car that will get you around!

However it can sometimes be confusing buying a used car. How do you find that amazing car that will save you thousands? Below are some tips that will help find the used car of your dreams!

Try to keep the car as close to the model year as possible. What does that mean exactly? If it is 2016 then you want to find a car that is a 2011 or newer. Not only will it have fewer miles but it will have fewer issues.

Test Drive it!- Please do not leave the lot with a car that you haven’t test drove. I know it seems like that would be a given but you would be amazed at how many people do that

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Plan Your Dream Vacation

Plan Your Dream Vacation


Before you set off to an unknown location, make sure that you are going to be staying in a nice resort located near some fun activities. There are many reputable websites out there that will provide you with information about the area you are going to be staying at and will help you to know where the best local attractions are located. Those who Follow Outdoor Traveler or other traveling sites can find out what types of hotels and activities are available at their destination. You can do some research before you go on your travels so that you can plan ahead and have plenty of time to try out everything.

If you enjoy gaming, you can look for a resort that will offer all of the amenities that you need and provide you with access to some of the best casinos. You can enjoy poker, blackjack, or any other game imaginable at some of the top destination spots in the world. If you do your research before you go, you can make sure that your trip is going to be fantastic. If you are interested in nightlife, there is sure to be some exciting venues ready to help your vacation experience be even better.

Outdoor Fun
When looking for the perfect vacation spot, think about traveling to a location that offers plenty of outdoor action. You can go horseback riding, mountain climbing, or even think about exploring a desert. You can travel to a new vacation destination that will provide you with all of the outdoor fun you can handle.

Learn About History
There are many historical destination spots out there that can help to broaden your mind and life experiences. You can tour old battlefields or look at buildings that have been around for a very long time. There are many vacation destinations that can help you to feel like you have truly stepped back in time. You and all of your fellow travelers can enjoy learning new things while relaxing and having a good time.

Lake Retreats
If you enjoy fishing or swimming, staying close by the lake could be a wonderful idea for you. You can enjoy water skiing, boating, and so much more. There is nothing like the natural beauty of the outdoors. You can plan out a vacation experience that will help you and your family get back to nature and learn to appreciate the great outdoors.

Winter Sports
If you are into winter sports, be sure to find a destination that can provide you with plenty of thrilling winter activities. You may want to go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding in the mountains. If you love the beach, you may enjoy walking along the shore in the winter when there are less people around. Your dream vacation is based on what you enjoy.

If you want to have a dream vacation every time that you plan a trip, be sure that you choose a reputable hotel that is located near all of the attractions that you are interested in experiencing. If you plan a vacation based on the activities that you are looking forward to and make reservations to stay in a comfortable resort, you can look forward to an unforgettable vacation experience.