Keep Your Fiat Prepared with this Roadside Emergency Checklist


December is upon us and so is the cold weather. It is still dark when I got to work and is freezing. By the time I get the car warm I feel like an icicle. I do my best to keep my car in tip top condition in the winter. I do not want to get stuck somewhere in freezing weather. Unfortunately, we can’t prepare for everything.
They sell emergency car kits for winter just about everywhere but you can stay better prepared for cheaper by following this simple checklist:
What To Pack:
● Battery Powered Radio and extra batteries. Keep an eye on the batteries because sometimes cold weather can drain them.
● Flashlight with extra batteries. Do not put the batteries in right way. Wait until you need them.
● Blankets. The thicker the better.
● Booster Cables
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Driver Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

I am not sure what I love more, finding great hacks or sharing them. I think sharing them because it always makes people’s lives easier.
Use toothpaste to clean headlights
Buff your headlight with toothpaste on a soft look to make them look as good as new.
Properly adjust your mirrors
Position mirrors so that no part of your car appears in them. That is the best way to navigate blind spots that require you to turn your head.
If you must eat and drive
Buy a plastic caddy from the dollar store. Most fast food meals fit in there and it will be within easy reach. This is a must so you are not rummaging around or looking away from the road to grab your food.
Need a cheap trash can?
Line a dollar store cereal container with a plastic bag. Lift the lid and ta-da, cheap and efficient trash can.
What is that arrow next to the gas tank?
I NEVER knew this but a friend told me and it makes everything easier. That arrow shows you which side of the car the gas tank is on. This is great when you are test driving a vehicle or driving an unfamiliar car!
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Choosing a Booster Seat

Choosing a Booster Seat
There are many booster seats available and sometimes it can be confusing choosing one for your child. When I brought home my first child you only had a few selections for car seats. Now they come in every size and shape, as well as a hundred different functions.
My biggest advice when moving into a booster is to check online reviews, talk to friends, and most importantly read the safety facts.
This may be one of the biggest decisions you make for your child!
Also, be sure to read your vehicle owner’s manual for information on installing child restraints and boosters in your vehicle. Always follow the age, weight, height, and other guidelines provided by the car seat manufacturer. The following are descriptions of the main types of booster seats, all of which “boost” your child up so the vehicle’s seat belt fits better.
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What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire


One time while driving on a bridge I got a flat tire. It was one of the most scary experiences ever. I didn’t really know what to do and it was a nightmare. After that I made sure I knew what to do when I got a flat suddenly. Below are some tips to help you in case of a flat tire. I would highly suggest printing this post out and putting it in your glove compartment. That way it is always on hand and will help in case of emergency.


  • Keep calm. As long as you are calm you will have control over your car. Don’t panic. Panicking will make it worse.
  • Keep a firm, steady grip on the steering wheel and maintain a straight course.
  • Concentrate on keeping or regaining control.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.
  • Ease off the accelerator to slow the vehicle. When you have complete control start easing yourself off the roadway. Try to get as far away from traffic as you can.
  • If you can’t get off the roadway safely ride along the shoulder until you can stop safely. This will probably cause further damage to the wheel and tire damage but your safety comes first.

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What To Do In Case Of A Vehicle Fire


here are a lot of scary things that can happen while you are on the road. A flat tire, a car accident, and one of the scariest, you car catching on fire. When your car is on fire it is easy to panic and lose it. That is the worse thing you can do. Here are some do’s and don’ts for when your car is on fire.



  1. Try to stay calm. I know it is going to be hard but totally freaking out is not going to help you. Try not to panic and get off the road if possible.
  2. If you smell smoke or even if your temperature gauge is going up get off the road immediately. Even if you don’t see flames.
  3. If you are stuck in a middle lane, stop, turn on your emergency lights, and then turn off your ignition. Do not try to warn others on the road. Once they see flames or smoke they will get out of the way.
  4. However, if you are stuck in traffic warn those around you. They may need to get out of their cars also and get to safety.
  5. Leave everything in your car. Leave it. It is replacable, you however are not. It is not worth it to save that expensive cell phone.
  6. Get as far way from the burning car as you can.

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