4 Big Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling for the Holidays


In a few weeks the roads will be congested with everyone heading home for the holidays or somewhere to get away from the holidays. Accidents are more likely to happen during the holidays.
Here are some tips to stay safe while traveling!
Stay Awake!
This is one of the best ways to keep your family safe.  The National Sleep Foundation and the AAA Foundation recommend the following:
Get a good night’s sleep before your trip – 7­9 hours for adults and 8 1⁄2­9 1⁄2 hours for teens
Make sure a passenger is awake to talk to the driver.
Avoid medications that can impair performance.
Recognize signs of fatigue: lane drifting, hitting rumble strips, repeated yawning, tailgating, difficulty focusing.
Schedule stops every two hours or 100 miles.
Keep your speed in mind.
There’s no reason to risk a run-­in with the police. Keep in mind that in some jurisdictions even a common speeding ticket can result in a lengthy delay – or worse. Your out-­of­state license could mean an immediate trip to traffic court with a bond payment required before you’ll be let go. Speeding isn’t the only sort of traffic citation cops write, so be doubly cautious. Some practices you might take for granted at home, like turning left from a one-­way street to another one-­way on a red light, can be illegal elsewhere. And again, your out­-of-­state plate makes you fresh meat for local ticket writers, including meter maids.
Set your tire pressure.
Most people are driving around on under­-inflated tires, sacrificing a mile (or in some conditions, more) per gallon in fuel economy. Inflate your tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, and do it when the tires are cold. (Air pressure can increase by several pounds per square inch as the tires heat up.) Use a real tire pressure gauge, not the one built into the air hose.  Besides maximizing fuel economy, correctly inflated tires will improve handling and are more resistant to punctures.
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Get Your Car Ready for Winter and Breathe Easier


Your car needs to be taken care of in the winter. That way when you need to get to work it is primed and ready to go. Don’t expect your car to function properly without some attention to it’s winter needs, too.
Top 6 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Winter
1. Change your oil and oil filter.
2. Have your batteries checked and charged.
3. Check your tires and consider winter tires. Also if you need chains make sure they are
on before the first snow fall. Don’t forget to check the air.
4. Inspect all the lights and change bulbs if you need. Also check those back interior
5. Always carry an emergency kit. You never know when you may break down.
6. Replace dirty air filters
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Your Teen and Test-Driving Tips to Keep You Sane

Teenage Driver in New Car
We are shopping for a car for my 16 year old daughter. We went to a dealership the other day to test out a car she was very interested in. It was very overwhelming. The dealership was bright, promotional signs everywhere, and employees following everyone around. If you have anxiety like I do it can get bad very quick. You are already nervous and sometimes the over­stimulation can make you even more jumpy. Thankfully we had my Dad with us and he not only worked for a major car factory but he has bought several cars in his lifetime. He handled the test drive like a pro and even shared some tips. We wanted to pass them onto you so the next time you want to test drive you can like a pro and save yourself some anxiety.
Call and tell them what make and model you are interested in. Let them know that you are planning on test driving and ask how much time you can have with the car. Make an appointment if necessary. My Dad was good friends with the owner of the dealership, so we were able to take any car we wanted but it normally doesn’t work like that. It is best to know ahead of time.
Plan your day around test driving. Pick 2 or 3 cars you are interested in checking out and then spend a good amount of time testing them out. Planning your drives ahead of time also will give you confidence in your mission. You’ll be more mentally prepared for the task because you’ll know what you need to do. Never, ever plan to test drive on a day that you have other appointments or important activities. You do not want to feel rushed.
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Picking Out a Car for Your Family

Nowadays when buying a family car safety and plenty of room are two of the top requested features.
But what should you look for in a family car? You will spend a good chunk of your time in your car and you need it to be comfortable. Keep reading for some great tips on choosing a family car.
High Safety Rating and Plentiful Features
It is essential to choose a vehicle that has many accident preventative measures built into it. The first thing you should check is the crash test rating of the car. If it receives top marks for all crash angles, the car is considered to be very safe. Acceptable safety ratings are the minimum that you should consider for a family car. Other safety options include rear-­view cameras, blind spot detection alarms, front and side airbags, and more.
Good Handling and Drive-­Ability
A good family car should make both Mom, Dad, Grandma Anne, Uncle Joe, and the legal age children all feel comfortable at the wheel. The controls should be well­placed and intuitive. A family car should be easy to maneuver and offer a smooth ride. Cars with very stiff suspensions are not suited for families unless every member is a street racer. Kids, especially infants, are very sensitive to noise and roughness.
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Organize Your Car This Winter

Organizing your car is not an expensive task. You don’t have to buy high dollar containers or
organizers. In fact a lot of stuff can be found at your local Walmart or Dollar Store.
Below are some great ways to organize your car this winter!
Buy a cheap makeup bag to keep art supplies in.
You could use a bag or even a plastic case but makeup bags can be pretty good for all art
supplies. They are a little bigger, zip up nicely and most of the time have two zippered
pockets. The best part? They have plastic lining to protect against melted crayons and other
art disasters. You may not be able to save the bag but you saved your car floors and seats.
Plus they can be cheap. Most dollar stores sell them for around $2.00. You can stock it with
pencils, crayons (or colored pencils) a small notepad, and eraser. Plenty of room and it stays
Hang a small shoe organizer over the back of the seat.
It may not be the most fashionable thing but you can get a children sized shoe organizer at
the dollar store and organize small items. It is great for wipes, a sippy cup, lotion, extra
diapers, dvd’s, etc.
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