Transform your Kitchen with the New Kitchen Aid Collection At Best Buy

Kitchenaid March

We have lived in our house for almost 30 years. In fact, in about 9 months it will be completely paid for!! We are very excited for that and can’t wait. But, with it being over 30 years old it is completely dated. If we could remodel one room it would be the kitchen. We have a nice size kitchen but we could definitely do with more storage, counter space, and brand new appliances!

New Kitchen Aid Collection At Best Buy

While shopping at Best Buy for some Ink we got a sneak peek at Kitchen Aid’s new collection. We are huge fans of Kitchen Aid and have several of their appliances. The new collection is drool worthy and if you are in the market for new state-of-the-art kitchen appliances I definitely recommend going and taking a look!

KitchenAid Suite 2

Great New Features of the KitchenAid collection

Cooking –

·         All new Slide-in Ranges fit the traditional freestanding cut-out for a seamless look that provides exceptional cooking and baking.

·         All New Slide-In Downdraft Range options in Electric and Dual Fuel for more ways to cook

·         Even-Heat™ Technology means flawless results in our wall ovens and ranges.

·         Exclusive Steam Rack and Steam Bake cooking options are designed for amazing performance

·         Baking Drawer for cooking flexibility to keep dishes warm, slow cook or simply bake at a different temperature than the main oven cavity.

Refrigeration –

·         NEW French Door Refrigeration Configuration: More Drawers for More Possibilities.  Five Door offers the ultimate in flexibility, organized storage and easier access to food.

·         New 36” French Door Bottom Mount Built-in Refrigerator expands our offering with platinum interior design

·         Luxury fit, feel and finish with soft close pantry drawers, new crispers, platinum interior with undershelf lighting.

Offers to note:

·         18 months major appliance financing or 5% rewards

·         Free delivery on purchases $399+


These appliances are built to not only give you an AMAZING looking kitchen but also create a strong focal point that will be a conversation piece for years to come. Head on over to your local Best Buy and check it out!

Deciding On A Profile Pic Has Never Been Easier #SelfieMarkApp


SelfieMark sponsored this post, but all opinions are mine!

Sometimes life is full of decisions. Which hairstyle looks better on me? Is this the perfect date dress or would the other one be better? Which selfie would make a better profile pic? Back in the stone age, circa 2015, you would have had to make those decisions all by yourself. Thankfully we live in the present and we have a handy new app called the Selfie Mark App that allows us to ask our friends, or basically the internet, their opinion. How cool is that?


The #SelfieMarkApp is really easy to use. You just download on iOS or Android, sign up, and then start creating polls to get help with those important decisions! I will admit I am not much of a selfie taker. People don’t want to see my mug all over the internet. However, my daughter takes a few hundred of them a day. So I used her to create my very first poll. You won’t believe how easy it is 😀

Before creating a poll it will ask you to select your interests. These are important so don’t just click buttons to get to the app faster. Your interests let’s Selfie Mark App know what to show in your feed. So if you really don’t like flowers, you don’t want to choose that interest because you will see them in your feed..a lot.

After selecting your interests you can create your first poll. All you do is click polls, then create. Super easy! I created this poll in under 3 minutes.


It is really easy to use and a lot of fun! No more making those decisions on your own! Now you can get help with the touch of a screen.

I would love for you to join me there! My username is Bobbie Seacrist and I will follow you back! I can’t wait to vote in your first poll!

Make sure to follow Selfie Mark on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!



Using Modern Techniques For Your Reputation Management Strategy


If you are the owner of your own business and have an established presence on the Internet, you may be enjoying more or less decently cordial relations with the bulk of your customer base and your peers in the industry. However, you should realize that it doesn’t take much for your smooth sailing ship to veer into choppy, shark-infested waters, particularly when you least expect it.

Damage To Your Online Reputation Can Come From Any Source, At Any Time

The fact of the matter is that serious damage to your online reputation, not only of your business but of your own personal and private life, can come from any source and at any time. A disgruntled employee can “go postal” on the Internet with a smear campaign. An unhappy customer can begin barraging the Web with crummy reviews that are as brilliantly written as they are completely unfair.

And, in a particularly frightening scenario, a competitor can begin running “false flag” attacks against your company and any others that they perceive as being rivals. A host of scathing reviews can suddenly appear on social media networks, review blogs, and dozens of other Internet locations, posted by “civilians” and “independent reviewers” who are actually paid agents writing with the express purpose of destroying your reputation.

Using A Reputation Management Firm To Neutralize Online Attacks

With such an unpleasant scenario being brought to your attention, you may well be wondering if there is an adequate strategy of defense that can neutralize these unforeseen attacks. As it turns out, there are several highly effective ways in which you can not guard against them, and also turn your defense into an offense.

The first thing you should do is to hire the services of a qualified reputation management firm. This type of firm works by employing a team of content writers to craft strategically SEO driven articles that are calculated to rise to the top of the search results page on any major search engine, such as Google. At the same time, these articles contain positive content that will wipe the memory of the negative attacks out of the minds of readers.

Using Multiple Sites To Maintain Your Reputation Management Strategy

The second strategy you can employ is to use multiple sites for your various branches of your business. When it comes to choosing quality domain names for your various sites, it’s important to give them names that all coordinate comfortably and recognizable with each other, as well as with your central location on the Internet.

This way, you could break up the various branches and subsidiaries of your business into several sites that are harder to target for negative content creators. While it may require some adeptness to keep track of them all, this technique does carry the advantage of creating several moving targets, rather than one stationary “sitting duck.” Using multiple sites for your business affairs could be the solution that brings your online reputation back under your full control.

The Special Edition Star Wars Laptop from HP- Keeping It Real

Special Edition Star Wars Laptop From HP

Special Edition Star Wars Laptop From HP

I love my tech almost as much as I love Star Wars. Some may say I am addicted to both but hey, we all have our devices. Mine just seems to cost way more money than others. I really went back and forth about doing this review. Mainly because I read reviews online and most were just beaming over the Special Edition Star Wars Laptop From HP . I am not sure it was because they are a Star Wars fan or they really loved the laptop. Because my experience was totally different and I don’t understand.

Before I go any further let me tell you about the laptop I ended up purchasing. It is a 15 inch, with 6 GB of Ram and a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor. As usual it had a 1TB hard drive. Some cool features included- touch screen, tons of Star Wars graphics, wall papers, comic books, and sound effects like R2-D2 when you unplugged your USB cable. There were a lot more but that is just the basics I want to mention.


Another thing I would like to point out is that I am not like other people, i.e. normal. When I take my laptop on trips, etc, I want the same workhorse I have at home. I need to have the same speed, space, and ability to do things just like I do on my desktop. I tried tablets, Kindles, and even the Surface Pro. None of them were pleasing to me. Yes, I am super strange and I admit it.

My other laptop had to be passed down to my daughter because hers died. So the Special Edition Star Wars Laptop from HP was a replacement to that one. I bought it for two reasons, one because it seemed like a great computer and number two because, HELLO it is Star Wars. I expected great things from this little laptop. Great things.


I am sorry to say, it let me down. When I first received it I didn’t like the feel of it at all. It felt like plastic and I could actually pinch the lid. Even my girls were like “wow, that feels kind of cheap.” But I wasn’t going to be deterred. Maybe this was the way laptops feel now. My other laptop was around 3 years old and kind of heavy. Maybe this is what kept the laptop to an easy to handle 5.07 lbs. I loved, loved, loved the distressed look of it. It looked like it had seen a lot of battles. Of course the Storm Troppers and Darth Vader on the front and inside made me giddy. I also loved the backlit display. It was easy on these tired eyes.

Even though I wasn’t tickled with the feel I was willing to let that slide if the computer performed well. It was minor and I felt it could be over looked. Even if I did just pay around $750 for it.

Special Edition Star Wars Laptop From HP


Getting Real About The Special Edition Star Wars Laptop From HP

The computer was slow. I mean really slow. I am not sure if I got a bad one or what. I have read online reviews and everyone is raving about it. So I am completely befuddled. It would take around 3 minutes to even load up to the password screen. My oldest daughters laptop that is around 2 years old, 4 GB of ram, and a 500 GB hard drive loaded faster than this one. Once it loaded though it was very easy to set up.

I did all the usual set up and then installed my software. That was when the “Omg, this is not going to work for me.” moment happened. I loaded up Photoshop and it stalled. I mean stalled. I had to wait 5 minutes for it to even come up. By this time I was cussing. I need Photoshop like I need oxygen. I use it ALL the time. It wasn’t just Photoshop, a lot of my adobe products were stalling. Thinking maybe it needed updating I shut it down and restarted it. I was so excited when I saw it needed to install updates because that could have been why it was running slow. Sigh, wrong. Again, I went to read all the 5 star reviews and scratched my head.

Not to be out done I had my IT guy check it out. Maybe all of the pre-loaded Star Wars stuff was making it slow? Maybe I was really tech stupid and not using it right? Why, why wasn’t I having an amazing experience like everyone else? What was wrong with me?????

Thankfully my IT guy was able to smooth my tech ruffled feathers. He played around with it for a little while, shut it down and said “Yeah, you are going to need a different computer. This is for Facebook Moms.” Needless to say I was horrified, hello, I am a Facebook Mom. After he got done teasing me he told me that it was a nice looking computer but really only for people that wanted to check email, play simple Facebook games, and maybe document editing. It definitely wasn’t for graphic artists or gamers. Granted the laptop comes in different sizes with more Ram, etc, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to sink that much money into a laptop like this. Regardless of how cool it is. Also, I know my specs and while they weren’t the top notch I really expected more. A lot more.

I will admit my heart broke. I had even bought a laptop cart to charge it in along with my wife’s multiple laptops. But, this has become a back up laptop. I will only use it for checking email, etc. I am still looking for a work horse and more money will be spent. If you are a huge Star Wars fan and want this laptop definitely go for the highest one available. I would recommend the i7 12GB 2TB. It is super expensive but I think in the end it would be worth it. I bought what I could afford at the time. If you want a casual laptop that will just get you through when you are out and about the one I bought is just fine. However, as much as I hate to admit it, I think you could find a better one at a better price and buy a Star Wars cover for it. My friend was telling me about Razer’s smallest laptop and how powerful it was the other day. He could not recommend them more. Maybe I should get a Star Wars cover for one of their systems.

Yeah it hurt to say that but I need to be real. I don’t want people to run out and buy this laptop without knowing the facts. While I love the look and will be keeping it because it is Star Wars I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.  Maybe your experience would be better and I sincerely hope it would be. So if your are going back and forth I say “May the force be with you.”


Put Technology In The Palm Of Your Hands This Holiday Season With Kohl’s



Alianna turned 16 last month and really wanted a 3DS but she also wanted a gazillion other things. So she had to make a choice and decided on a shopping trip instead of the DS. I really felt bad because 16 is a big thing and I wished I had enough funds to buy her everything she wanted. Well, thanks to Kohl’s I was able to finish out her birthday wish list and get her the DS. I felt like a rock star.

Put Technology In The Palm Of Your Hands This Holiday Season With Kohl’s

This post was sponsored by Kohl’s and I received a gift card to shop their site. However, I LOVE Kohl’s and always have. They have great merchandise at a great price. So imagine how excited I was to find out that Kohl’s also offered great prices on Tech. I was able to get Alianna her Nintendo 3DS with games for under $300. How awesome is that? ( Note- the one I purchased, pictured, is sold out. The Pokemon one was sold out also, hopefully they will be back in time for the holidays!).

Of course Alianna isn’t the only one that got spoiled. I had to buy something for myself. I found an amazing Portable Wireless Bluetooth sound system that played CD’s. I had to have that because mine broke several years ago and I haven’t been able to replace it. Now I can listen to all my tunes anywhere. Color me EXCITED!!!


Kohl’s makes it easy to say #Yes2Tech this holiday season with a great selection and even better prices! With such great prices I couldn’t help but make a wishlist for myself.  Kohl’s makes it easy to shop for everyone on your list!

Kohl’s Tech Wishlist



Canon EOS Rebel T6i


Samsung 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV


Toshiba Satellite 15.6-Inch 8GB 1TB Intel i5 Laptop


Kohl’s has a better selection of Tech online instead of stores. So I would difinetly do your shopping online in your PJ’s and a cup of cocoa! Plus you can get free shipping when you purchase so much( right now it is $50.00 but may be lower during black friday). Of course you can beat shopping online and picking up in the store. Oh, and don’t forget Kohl’s Cash!

Whatever your techie wants this Christmas I am sure you will find it at Kohl’s online and for a great price!

Kohl’s $250 Gift Card Giveaway


Must be 18+ to enter

Must reside in the US

Mailing addresses only, NO PO BOXES

You will only have 48 hours to claim your prize so use an email you check every day. 

Kohl’s $250 Gift Card Giveaway