Test Tube Beauty Part 3

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Well it is that time again! Christmas! Well not really but it feels like Christmas to me! Test tube beauty box came today and if you remember last time I was a little hesitant about whether we would keep getting them. I am happy to report we were very happy with our shipment this time!! So what did we get?


  • Strivectin
  • St. Tropez Gradual Tanner
  • Tarte- Lip surgence lip luster- Full size
  • Wen Cleansing Conditioner- Lavender
  • Peter Thomas Roth Moisturize Gel Cream
  • Bliss fabulous foaming face wash
  • Philosophy Amazing Grace shower gel
  • Mally Ever color shadow stick in Twilight
  • Magazine

Pic of our goodies!

Test Tube Beauty
We were very, very pleased and I swiped the Foaming face wash and the eye shadow stick. My mom took the rest. We are so very excited to try the products. This is the second Mally product we have received and I loved the eyeliner in the first batch. It is the smoothest eyeliner I have ever used. The WEN products are fabulous and these boxes have kept us in Wen products without having to buy.
You can get Test Tube Beauty from their website. We didn’t get it from there. We actually bought ours on QVC and the products we get are QVC brands. I am honestly thinking about getting the other box because I absolutely love getting stuff like that and it would be neat to try different stuff!
Do you receive Test Tube Beauty? If so what do you most look forward to each time?
Till We Dish Again,
Rebelle and Girls


The other day I was boiling eggs for egg salad and had complained to a friend that I never get them right. They are either soft or to over done. My friend found an app on another blog for the I-Pad that times boiled eggs for you and it is supposed to result in the perfect egg. Well I had to try it but I do not own an I-Pad. So I found it on my I-Pod |squee| It was .99 cents and I was willing to try it. Plus it is almost Easter and time to dye eggs! So how did Eggmeister work? Well lets find out.

Here is the app:


It is pretty straight forward 😀 So first we pick our egg size, how done we want the egg and boil water:

You will be placing your egg directly in boiling water so tongs may be a good idea.

After the water boils you place your egg in:

Then hit start timer. It was actually 4:40 seconds for my egg size but I forgot to take a picture until half way through.

Lets have a little theme music while we wait:


Our egg is finally done:

But how does it look inside?



Perfect!! I will definitely use this over and over. It was worth the .99 cents! You can read more about the app here:
Till We Dish Again,
Rebelle and Girls

Tasting Table Review

Have you signed up for Tasting Table yet? OMG! You haven’t? Then you need to. Right.Now. It is the most awesome website I have come across lately. I just don’t even know where to begin. Yes, yes I do. With the edible classroom. It is a classroom where you can learn, yes learn, everything. There are videos, how-to’s, etc. You need to be logged in and join to see but here is a screen shot:

Tasting Table Review

I am one of those people afraid of Tofu. I love tofu when it is fixed right but have never been comfortable with fixing it. I learned a lot just from the video and the book is on my list. There are lots more things to learn and I know any self proclaimed foodie would love it.

Then there is Chef’s Recipes. Three times a week they send you a newsletter with a top chef recipe that can be adapted to cook at home. Who doesn’t want to cook like a top chef from a fabulous resturaunt? I do, most definitely.  Sign up for this newsletter!

Then there are food events. Not just national but also Local. Tasting Table caters to five major cities:

1. New York

2. LA

3. DC

4.  Chicago

5. San Francisco

They also have national events which seem awesome. This is great for someone that is traveling and may want to attend a foodie event. Speaking of Traveling, they have a traveling section too.  You can choose a city or destination to find the hottest places to dine and some are even off the beaten path. I know when I visit some where new I love to eat at a place not everyone is. Rachael Ray taught me that 😀  Of course they also include National and Local places.

I just really can’t say enough about this web site. I know I will be here often and will enjoy the wonderful newsletters I will be getting. I will share the ones that are of interest with you guys. I highly recommend you get an account and explore. Just make sure you have a snack with you! That site makes you famished!


Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls


I Peeq’d and Scored!

*** You will want to read my review to see how much I paid for this.***

Before I start this review let me say I am not into fancy face creams. I tried some in my lifetime but I am a Noxzema girl. My mom started me out on Noxzema and it works. I am a firm believer of if something works don’t mess with it.

When I found sneeqpeak I was really interested. It was fun clicking the little peeq button to see the price of something. I pressed the peeq button and saw this face set and thought “hmmm” and when I saw the price I was like “oh I am going to try it.” What did I get? Read on:D


Yes to Pre-Moistened Facial Wipes- Cucumber

These were great. No water was necessary, at first. It said there was no need to rinse off but after I used it my face felt sticky and I did not like that so I did rinse it off. It was really soothing and I loved the smell. I hate the smell of beauty products, even Noxzema. So that was a big plus for me. My skin already felt softer after using it.

Yes to Soothing Moisturizer- Cucumber

This came out thick and creamy but was so light going on my face. It glided on smooth and I was able to use just a little to cover my face which means it will take a while to empty the jar. It had a great scent and was very refreshing. It made my skin super soft and hydrated.

Yes to Calming Eye Cream- Cucumber

This is the one thing that is not in my daily routine that should be. I have horrible bags under my eyes from where I don’t sleep enough. Plus my age is really showing. So I am anxious to see how this works. It was a clear gel and a little went a long way. I just patted it around my eyes. I didn’t see any real difference but it felt good.

Like the sugar scrub I made my family feel my face. My mom said it was noticeably softer but my youngest daughter said my face smelled like it should be in a salad, rofl. I will definitely keep using it and let you know in a few weeks how it is working out.

So how much did I pay for this? Well with sneakpeeq you get badges you can use. I used my 10 USD off badge and my free shipping badge and only paid… 2 USD. Yes, you read that right. I paid 2.00 for a product that sells for: 35.99. If you do not believe me check out their store here:


Now shipping did take about 2 weeks but that didn’t bother me. After all my face wasn’t going anywhere so I could wait. I bought a couple more things I can’t wait to share with you as soon as they get here.  Interested in sneakpeeq? You can sign up here:


Let me know if you buy anything! I would love to hear about your experience!

Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls