ProFlowers and The AMAZING Movie Mother’s Day Partner Up To Treat Your Mom To Something Special!


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I will admit that it snuck up on me rather quickly. My Mom has been sick for several months and this Mother’s Day I want to treat her as awesome as she is. Which is no small feat. My Mom is like super awesome! So what is a daughter to do? Easy! Call in ProFlowers and the super amazing movie Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day actually featured the gorgeous arrangement above in the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie I highly recommend it! It stars  Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jason Sudeikis. It also features;  Timothy Olyphant, Britt Robertson, Héctor Elizondo, Jack Whitehall and Jon Lovitz. With a cast like that, the movie has to phenomenal!


As Mother’s Day draws close, a group of seemingly unconnected people come to terms with the relationships they have with their mothers. Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a divorced mother of two boys whose ex-husband has recently remarried a younger woman named Tina (Shay Mitchell). Miranda (Julia Roberts) is an accomplished writer who gave up her only child, Kristin (Britt Robertson) for adoption at birth. But as a grown-up Kristin prepares herself for marriage, she begins to contemplate the missing part in her life and is encouraged by her friend, Jesse (Kate Hudson), to go out and find her mother. Meanwhile, Jesse, who never sees her mother, is surprised by her parents when they come to visit and must come to terms with their failing relationship.

Bring kleenex and prepare to laugh! Of course with all of those mother’s featured there has to be flowers and ProFlowers is the front runner! I normally don’t go gaga for flowers, in fact, my girls don’t give me flowers because they don’t wow me. But these flowers? They honestly wowed me and I am not just saying that. They are stunningly beautiful and smell sooo good! My Mom cried when she saw them. They really brightened her day.

What I also loved about the delivery is that they send them closed. You remove the outer petals, put luke warm water in the vase, cut 1 inch off of them, and then add the packet of food. Within 24 hours they will blossom into the most exquisite bouquet you have ever seen. It has been a week and they are still going strong. My Mom just loves them!

You can order the same bouquet I received HERE.


Another closeup of the gorgeous blooms:



I received the Mother’s Day bouquet in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. I received no other compensation for my post.

Fall In Love With The Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit

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[db_post_meta][db_feature_image][/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Post Content” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]I am in love but shhhh, don’t tell anyone! I have a new super secret weapon to make gorgeous personalized ribbons at home. Not just any ribbons, but professional looking ones. They are going to be a huge asset for Mother’s Day and Dakotah’s graduation party. So what is my secret you may ask? It is the Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit and it is a MUST have if you are a crafter or planning a wedding, party, or anything that involves personalization. Epson-LabelWorks-

Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit

What’s In The Box:

The LabelWorks LW-300

Two Ribbon Cartridges Carrying Case

User Manual

Design Options:

300+ Symbols

14 Fonts

10 Font Styles

89 Frames

In addition you can also create special effects on your ribbons. You can mirror the text or make it 3D looking. There are many, many more options to make your ribbons unique and completely your own.

There is a very informative user manual that will show you everything you need to know about using your LabelWorks Ribbon Printer. Matching a theme? They have you covered. They have several colors and plenty of mix and match options. CUPCAKES_IMG_6044 Even more ideas include:
Pony Tail Holders ( great for cheerleaders and the graduates!)
Scrapbook Pages
Favor Wrappers
“Handmade by” Ribbons
Mason Jar Ties
Wine Glass Labels
Or even this super cute idea! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Post Footer” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”center”]

The Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit retails for $69.99

You can find more information by visiting

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_blurb admin_label=”Blurb” title=”Epson’s Website” url=”” url_new_window=”on” use_icon=”on” font_icon=”” icon_color=”#ccddb3″ use_circle=”off” circle_color=”#ccddb3″ use_circle_border=”off” circle_border_color=”#ccddb3″ icon_placement=”top” animation=”top” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”center” /][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_blurb admin_label=”Blurb” title=”Facebook” url=”” url_new_window=”on” use_icon=”on” font_icon=”” icon_color=”#ccddb3″ use_circle=”off” circle_color=”#ccddb3″ use_circle_border=”off” circle_border_color=”#ccddb3″ icon_placement=”top” animation=”top” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”center” /][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_blurb admin_label=”Blurb” title=”Twitter” url=”” url_new_window=”on” use_icon=”on” font_icon=”” icon_color=”#ccddb3″ use_circle=”off” circle_color=”#ccddb3″ use_circle_border=”off” circle_border_color=”#ccddb3″ icon_placement=”top” animation=”top” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”center” /][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

#iRobotatBestBuy Is The Best Thing Ever!

I am a busy person. I don’t blog as much anymore because my site is being redone and it is a mad house in my admin section. You would think that would mean I had more time, right? Wrong! I can never be still and always have to be doing something. So, I picked up my crocheting and have been learning how to do it properly and neatly. Which sounds easy, right? Nope, it is hard to keep all those stitches even. Finger cramps are crazy painful. Anyway, cleaning house is not my favorite chore and vacuuming is my least favorite. I am a very short person and our vacuum cleaner is almost as big as me. Lugging it is a chore that is hard on my back.

When Best Buy asked me if I wanted to test out the iRobot, I jumped on it. I mean, who doesn’t want to lay back and relax letting technology do your work for you? I mean, seriously, I am so ready for the Jetsons maid prototype. Until then I will just have to settle for the iRobot. Not that I am complaining, this little thing is amazing!


This powerful vacuuming system suctions 5x stronger! This results in cleaner floors and removes up to 50% more dust, dirt, hair, and debris. Which is a god send if you have pets. When you are ready to clean your floors just hit clean on the Roomba and it does the work for you. Want to do it while you are out? You can schedule it to start when you want it to. When it is finished it will return to its home base and BAM! your done! Roomba’s slim profile lets it clean under furniture, including beds, skirted furniture, tables and cabinetry while the spinning side brush grabs dirt and debris from tough places like wall edges and corners.

Worried about places you don’t want it to go, like near the pet food bowls? No problem, you can create a barrier for it and it will stay safely away from them. Other great features include:

  • iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Technology with cliff-detection sensors
  • Large HEPA filter keeps dust, dander, and other allergens out of the air
  • iRobot® XLife™ Extended Life Battery provides double the battery cycles
  • Bin Full indicator light lets you know when the bin needs emptying
  • 2 Virtual Wall Barriers keep Roomba in the rooms you want to vacuum & out of the ones you don’t
  • No more cleaning brushes! Tangle-free AeroForce™ Extractors are virtually maintenance free, making it even easier for Roomba to tackle daily dirt build-up  and leave more time for you to enjoy your day.
  • Roomba’s large HEPA filter keeps dust, dander, and other allergens out of the air – ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers
  • Just press CLEAN or schedule Roomba to vacuum when it’s most convenient for you.


I am totally loving my iRobot and think everyone should have one. There is nothing greater than kicking my feet up, crocheting, and watching this vacuum my floors. The only thing that would be better is my cat riding it. One can dream, right?





The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

HP x360 and My Spring 2015 Handbag Crushes

So thanks to collectively and HP I have had a chance to make my two favorite addictions collide. Handbags and Tech. How happy can one girl be? Pretty dang happy! I was totally going to do something foodie related for this post but unfortunately we are packing up a lot of items right now and our house is covered in boxes. Plus I figured out that I used the HP x360 more for my handbag shopping than cooking, so here we are! As always, all my awesome opinions are my own!


The HP x360 is perfect for just about anything but handbag related it is perfect for shopping, designing, and watching videos on how a handbag functions. It has 4 modes- Tablet, Laptop, Stand, and Tent mode. My favorite so far is the stand mode because I can lay in bed and feed my Pinterest addiction without the battery heating up.


The tent mode is perfect for listening to music, making a mean cocktail, or following a recipe. And again, it is great for Pinterest.



It is spring time and that means it is time for new handbags! I love when the seasons hit because there are always new colors or new designs that make any outfit spectacular! I thought I would share my top 4 handbag crushes with you because they are pretty amazing and I am sure you will love them too!


Travelon Covertible Backpack Handbag

Travelon is one of the top names in safety and stylish bags for travel. What a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of their travel bags are perfect for every day. This bag can be converted into a dome handle bag, cross-body bag, and a back pack. It has RFID technology which means your cards won’t get scanned while you are shopping. Don’t laugh, it happened to my Dad. He was getting gas and someone used tech to scan his card. By the time he got home $1200 was missing from his account. Thankfully he got it all back but it was a scary experience. We all carry wallets and handbags with RFID protection now. And, if I say so myself, this bag looks pretty stylish while protecting you! I have it in black and champagne. Champagne is my favorite because it is so versatile. They also have fun prints inside!



Anne-Klein Dome Handle Bag

Ever since I found out that I am heading to LA for the Cinderella Event blue has been the color of my life. So when I found this Anne Klein Dome Handle Bag in periwinkle I just had to order it. I am anxiously awaiting for it to get here! I love the softness of the blue and the gold accents. It is going to look great with my jeans and my sun dresses! It is a really good size too, measuring in at 14.75-in. W x 11-in. H x 5.75-in. It is going to be able to handle all of my essentials including my sunglasses, phone, lip gloss, and all the other things I stuff in my purse. I love how I can wear it two ways. Cross-body and by the handle. You will notice a lot of my bags have the cross-body option. I have issues with my shoulders and sometimes it is just easier to carry my bag like that.


Furla Candy Sweetie Mini Satchel

Pink is my favorite color and Spring is the perfect time to carry it. Don’t get me wrong, Pink is a great color all year round, but there is just something special about carrying a pink handbag in Spring. Which is why I am totally loving this Sweetie Mini Satchel by Furla. How gorgeous is this? It just screams Spring! It reminds me of a gigantic piece of bubble gum. It is made with Polyvinyl Chloride and mini is not just a cutie word. It is a mini bag that will fit your cell phone, lip gloss, and small wallet. It only measures 5″ H and 6.5″ W. This is the perfect bag for when you are just running quick errands and don’t need a lot of stuff. You will look cute, stylish (and maybe even a little yummy) carrying it!

Furla Candy Sweetie Mini Satchel

Tosa Cross-body Bag

It is my sincere belief that every woman should have a great, neutral leather bag. It doesn’t have to be real leather, it can be synthetic. But it needs to be stylish as well as functional. A good leather bag will be what you carry most. It goes with everything and can withstand the activity in your life. You don’t have to be like me and buy a new leather bag just because it is a different season. You can buy one and carry it all year long. I have many leather bags but I am totally crushing on this Tosa Cross-body bag. It is amazing. I actually had a friend turn me onto this bag and we tried hard to get together so I could get a personal photo but our schedules didn’t mesh. It is still on my wish list for the Spring though. A good leather bag should be something you want to carry a lot. It should be large enough to fit just about everything. The Tosa is large enough to fit the HP x360 inside. So that should give you an idea on size. Plenty of pockets are a must as well as zipper compartments. A good liner is also important because it protects against rippage.

Tosa Cross-body Bag

 Meghan Trainor and HP Making Fans Dreams Come True

HP has teamed up with Meghan Trainor, some amazing Instagrammers, Viners, and Youtubers to catch footage from all of her “That Bass Tour” stops. They will then stitch it into a video showing all the excitement and of course style of the tour from the fans! How amazing is that? If you are a fan that will be attending one of your concerts don’t forget to submit your footage as well! More info HERE.

The HP x360 is a great device that allows you to get more work done because you don’t have to keep switching devices! Plus it lets you #BendTheRules and makes your friends envious of how productive you are with it! 4 different modes, endless possibilities. How could you ask for more?



For More Information:

Event Hashtag- #BendTheRules

HP Website | HP on Twitter | HP on Facebook

Meghan Trainor:


Official Twitter Page

Don’t forget to follow me for more updates on the HP 360

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Heinz Asks- How Do You Happy?

“How Do You Happy?” Heinz® Tomato Ketchup is asking that question in their latest campaign. By answering you have a chance to win great prizes. You know what I say to that information? Score!


Speaking of score, the Super Bowl is not far away. It is hard to believe that Football season is almost over. It goes by too quick but I blame Christmas for that. Everything goes by too fast during the holidays.


Around here we are huge Football fans but a house divided. My brother likes the Dallas Cowboys and has ever since he was like five. I won’t say how I feel about that because it is not lady like. The rest of the family loves the Baltimore Ravens because we pretty much rock.


One thing we do agree on is that it doesn’t matter if our teams don’t make the Super Bowl, we are still partying. “Why?” you might ask. Well because of the food! I never pass up an opportunity to serve great food and eat!


Heinz got me to thinking about awesome Super Bowl party foods that go great with ketchup. Of course that also got me to thinking about sharing them with you. So here are some awesomesauce recipes that go great for the Super Bowl and Heinz Ketchup of course.


Side note- how awesome is the new bottle and logo? I get happy just looking at it! Now where are the fries?

Recipes That Go Great With Heinz Ketchup



“How Do You Happy?”

I know not everyone has a love affair with food like I do. So “How Do You Happy?” Answer this question and you could be 1 of 100 winners.


Full details:

Tell Heinz when you are happiest or share a max 6 second video of it. Just tag it with

#HeinzHappyContest or submit it at And you could be 1 of 100 Happy Winners of prizes up to $5700! Entries are accepted via Twitter, Instagram and Vine as well as

Of course I couldn’t ask you “How Do You happy?” without telling you how I do! Check out the video below to see how I happy!