General Hospital Set Visit

It is hard to believe this will be my last post for our LA Trip but at least I have some fun things to tell you about General Hospital set visit! I will be honest, I have never watched General Hospital before. So I really had no clue as to what was going on but I will say that everyone was super friendly and it was really neat to see the set up close. We also got to see a lot of props that were used on the show over the years. I think it is awesome that they are so diligent about preserving items used on the show and will insure that future generations get to enjoy them as well.

General Hospital was created by husband-and-wife soap writers Frank and Doris Hursley and premiered on April 1, 1963. In 1978, Gloria Monty was brought in as executive producer and is credited with the creation of the first supercouple, characters Luke Spencer and Laura Webber. Their 1981 wedding brought in 30 million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.

The highlight of the visit for me was when Finola Hughes popped in to say hi. I do know who she is and love her. She is just as beautiful in person as she is on TV. After we looked at the props and talked a bit they took us to the green room where we waited to go on the actual set of General Hospital. They were filming a scene so we had to wait until they took a break. The green room was really large, with several couches, a TV, a Keurig ( it seems like everywhere in CA has a Keurig) and a small fridge.

Bloggers With William DeVry on Set.

Another really funny thing was after we did the set tour Emme Rylan ( Lulu Spencer Falconeri) kidnapped us and took us to look at her dressing room to show us the bracelets she was making for her Etsy shop Handmade by Emme Rylan. It was a lot of fun to see and she was really nice to let us have a look. I think Actors/Actresses don’t know how much that really means to “regular” people. I had never seen General Hospital and didn’t know who she was but she made me a fan that day 🙂

I have several pictures to show and some info on the nurses ball! So keep scrolling and get your General Hospital fix!

General Hospital Set Tour

Iconic Set Props
Wedding Invitation
Show Menus
One of the shows many beautiful dresses!
Tara from Trippin With Tara being questioned in the “police station”
Emme Rylan delivering the news that the baby is an ALIEN! Dun.Dun.Dunnnnn

The Nurses Ball:

Port Charles will once again hold the iconic Nurses Ball gala, a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS awareness and research. As the Nurses Ball 2014 begins, several popular Port Charles residents will be noticeably absent from the Red Carpet and stuck at home watching the festivities on TV. Old and new loves will percolate while others find themselves in awkward situations. Amidst all the romantic drama, the never-dull Nurses Ball audience will be entertained with fun performances and sexy surprises. The Nurses Ball episodes air May 8 through May 13. “General Hospital” airs MONDAY – FRIDAY (2:00- 3:00 p.m., ET) on The ABC Television Network.


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Walmart Family Mobile Has Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

Walmart Family Mobile – I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

Did you know Walmart Family Mobile has the lowest priced unlimited plans? You didn’t? Oh my gosh, where have you been? Please, please tell me you are not still paying 300-400 dollars for that “other” service? If you are then you need to keep reading because you really need this plan! Walmart Family Mobile has Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web for a very low price each month. How low? Keep reading!


Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile is good for everyone, even those people that still use dinosaur technology. You know who those people are and most likely ( especially for those of us that are closer to 40) they are your parents. My Dad is a very smart man and in case you didn’t know, he is 75 and getting his high school diploma. I am super proud of that. But when it comes to smart phones, he just can’t seem to grasp it. We giggle and tease him but it can kind of be hard to get him a phone he can use. Which is why I am so glad that Walmart Family Mobile has phones for everyone. I was able to get my Dad a basic flip phone, that is super easy to use and save money on the bill. It doesn’t get any better than that! Since it is powered by T-Mobile I know he is getting the best service.

If you remember from my second Walmart Family Mobile post, I was paying close to $400 for cell phone service on 5 phones. It was killing me every month because I was struggling to pay it. I have been with the family plan for over a year now and I pay $226 a month for 5 phones. You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out that I am saving huge!


Everyone asks basically the same question- “Is #FamilyMobile really as good as other services.” In a short answer, yes. I do not miss my old wireless company. I honestly do not ever say “wow, I wish I would have stuck with so and so.” I get the same service from Walmart Family Mobile, it is just cheaper. As with any service there are always draw backs, no matter how much you love it. Sometimes I do lose service in remote areas. Also, you have to buy the phone and a starter sim card. If you want the latest, most awesome phone, you are going to pay retail price. Which is why I am still stuck with a phone I hate because I can’t afford to get another one right now. But that doesn’t hinder the service at all. When I am out and about my calls go through, internet whizzes and it is peace of mind knowing I am not going to have extra charges on my bill for some reason only the wireless carrier understands. You guys know what I am talking about 🙂 Also, if you want a fancy ring tone, etc, you have to buy an extras pack but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web is $45 for the first line and then $35 for any additional line. Unlimited means just that, unlimited. You don’t get capped or snail speeds when you use it a lot. I use mine for Twitter, Facebook, email, Instagram and surfing the web. The web is always at my finger tips and 9 times out of 10 I am not tapping my foot waiting for it to load up. You can also boost your speed for an additional cost each month. I have mine boosted to 3GB and let me tell you, it came in handy when I was in LA for the Muppets Most Wanted Event.

Have a grad going away to college? Worried about what extra fees you may end up with each month? Walmart Family Mobile would be perfect for them because it is one low price. Which means they can call you as often as they like, text you all the time and skype while they are on the go. All for one low price each month and that equals peace of mind for you! And don’t forget Mom! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this is perfect for her. Because Moms love to call us ( mainly because we don’t call them often enough) and saving her a little money each month would make you the favorite child!

I want to thank #cbias for hooking me up with Walmart Family Mobile. Over the course of a year I have saved over 1000 dollars on my wireless bill. You don’t know how freeing that is. That is our family vacation money this year!

Dishin With Rebelle-Walmart-Family-Mobile

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Sandgrens Clogs Review – The Tilda Clog

I had never heard of Sandgrens Clogs and when another bloggy friend told me about them, I had to check them out. I was heading to LA in a few weeks and needed a comfortable pair of shoes. I didn’t really know what to expect from Sandgrens Clogs but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. They are super comfortable which I was in awe of because they don’t have the traditional foamy support. Pretty amazing, actually.

I received a pair of Sandgrens Clogs to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own, as usual.

Sandgrens Clog

About Sandgrens Clogs

Sandgrens is the Swedish Clog company that focuses on providing the most beautiful traditional Swedish clogs, high-fashion clogs, comfort shoes and clog boots in the footwear industry. They  always craft their footwear using the finest leathers, wooden bases, and metal hardware available throughout the world.
Each line within their brand is created to the highest standards of fashion and comfort, embodying the concepts of luxury, creativity, sophistication and exclusivity. They are creating exceptional wood clogs that are custom-made, timeless and unique and they are absolutely committed to doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Tilda Swedish Clog

The Tilda Clog by Sandgrens Clogs- My Review:

I will admit I was a little apprehensive when I first put my clogs on. I am used to really soft, cushy soles. These were a little hard but taking a couple of steps removed any doubts I had. When you walk it is like a rocking motion. It really helps keep you balanced and supports your body. I can’t really explain it better any better than that. It is one of those things you have to feel to understand. I didn’t want to wear them a lot while I was home because I wanted them to be clean for LA. When I went to the Muppets Most Wanted premiere we had to walk a couple of blocks to get to the El Captain Theater. I was wearing these clogs and wow, I was able to walk the whole way and even stand in them when I got there. It honestly felt like I was wearing nothing at all on my feet. They are so comfortable and the “rocking” motion helps keep everything aligned so that you don’t feel a strain on your back.

Since I have been home I wear these shoes every day. I have a lot of back problems and even the most comfortable shoes will make my back hurt. When I wear the Tilda clog to Walmart or the grocery store I don’t have to worry about standing on my legs and my back hurting. Sometimes my trips to Walmart can be a couple of hours because I am doing the shopping for the month. Before I would have to take breaks because my back would start hurting but since I have been wearing these shoes, it doesn’t. Also, I can feel a real difference if I don’t wear them when I am walking around.

I know I recommend a lot of things on this blog. I also know that a $109.00 price tag is nothing to sneeze at. But if you are looking for a shoe that supports you, looks stylish, and is COMFORTABLE, I highly recommend the Tilda Clog by Sandgrens Clogs!

The Tilda Swedish clogs for women are sophisticated mules with a PU-base that makes them extra comfortable, so they can be used every day. These clogs feature beautiful traditional leather that is fastened with silver staples and they have a strap with a buckle on the outside for a traditional look. This is a perfect style for any occasion when your feet need some extra support.

Sandgrens Clogs

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Mothers Day Gifts For The On-The-Go-Mom From Best Buy

Are you a Mom on-the-go? Or maybe you have a Mom that is always on-the-go. Mothers day is right around the corner and sometimes it is really hard to pick out  Mothers Day gifts for the on-the-go- Mom. Heck, sometimes it is hard to find mom a Mothers Day gift at all because the woman has everything! I know sometimes I agonize over what to get my own Mother. She has all kinds of collectibles, kitchen items, etc. I rack my brain trying to find her something she will want, need or even like. Ack! Shopping for Mom is stressful!

Thankfully Best Buy has us covered and has some amazing gifts for Mom. Pssst- I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card to facilitate this post. However, all my opinions are 100% my own and would love to receive any gifts from this list. If my children are reading this- hint hint.

Mothers Day Gifts

Best Buy has all types of gifts for all types of Moms. The foodie Mom, the fitness Mom and even the Mom who lives to entertain! When I think about my Mom and Me though I know we fit into the on-the-go-mom category. We are always on the run, whether it is running errands, cleaning, blogging, etc, we are always on go. I love gifts that reflect that. Especially gifts that help me blog on the run. I live on social media, so I need gadgets that help me stay connected while I am out and about. When I was in LA for the Muppets Most Wanted, I had a tablet, 2 phones and a camera. All of it was able to connect to the internet. That is how serious I am about staying connected. My Mom on the other hand doesn’t need social media. She still calls people on the house phone, which amazes me. She also writes letters even though I have told her that email is quicker. Also, she still pays her bills through the mail. I get boggled because it is so much easier to do it online and it saves trees! But she is old school and I respect that. Best Buy even has gifts for her! Plus with the low price guarantee I know I am getting a deal on whatever gift I get her! Also, with free shipping on orders over $35 I can do the “trendy” thing and buy online. It is my one stop shop for mother day gifts.


Mothers Day gifts for the on-the-go-Mom

Samsung Galaxy 5

This Samsung Galaxy S 5 SM-G900A cell phone’s 5.1″ touch screen presents media in 1920 x 1080 resolution and simplifies content navigation. The 16.0MP rear-facing and 2.0MP front-facing cameras let you capture special moments to share with loved ones.

Lenovo Yoga 2 13

Perfect for work, play and travel, this convertible laptop features a flip-and-fold design so you can operate it in laptop, tablet, tent and stand modes. Enjoy an incredible viewing experience with the Full HD multitouch display.

Plantronics Voyager Edge

Enjoy hands-free calling with this Plantronics Voyager Edge PITE14 Bluetooth headset, which features Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC (near-field communication) technologies for flexible pairing options. The noise-canceling design ensures you’re clearly heard.

SONOS Play: 3 Wireless Speaker

With 2 midrange drivers, 1 tweeter, 1 bass radiator and 3 class D digital amplifiers, this SONOS PLAY:3 PLAY3US1BLK wireless music system delivers robust audio. Wireless streaming lets you listen to stored tunes or online music throughout your home.

Bose® – QuietComfort® 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Earbud Headphones

Designed for use with Apple® iPhone® iPad® and iPod®, these QuietComfort® 20i headphones are the first earbud-style noise-cancelling headphones from Bose®. Lose yourself in music or hear what’s happening around you with Aware mode.

HP 14″ Chromebook

Stay connected on the go with this HP f7w51ua Chromebook, which features a high-speed wireless LAN for quick and easy Web access. The Intel® Celeron® processor delivers reliability for everyday mobile computing.

Studio C Mint to Be Ladies Laptop Tote

I would love to have this! Increase the portability of your laptop with this Studio C Mint to Be 96889 ladies’ tote that features PU leatherette and polyester materials, 7″ drop handles and a shoulder strap. A front organization pocket accommodates a tablet and other accessories.

mophie juice pack powerstation

Quickly and easily recharge your cell phone, tablet or gaming device with this mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo 38765BBR battery that features up to 6000 mAh capacity to keep your device powered and ready for use

Otterbox Symmetry Case for iPhone 5s/5

Shield your Apple iPhone 5 or 5s from damage with this OtterBox Symmetry 42084BBR case that features dual-material casing to help dissipate shock. The single-layer design facilitates installation onto your phone.

HP® ENVY Wireless e-All-In-One Printer

Quickly print, copy and scan documents using this HP ENVY 5530 e-all-in-one printer that features 3-in-1 functionality for multipurpose use. A built-in wireless LAN makes it easy to print directly from compatible devices

Microsoft Touch Cover for Surface

Enjoy expansive control over your Microsoft Surface with this Touch Cover D5S-00004 that features a pressure-sensitive keyboard with Windows shortcut keys and a trackpad for easy navigation. The 3mm cover protects your device while adding minimal bulk.

Samsung GS4 Case-Mate Glam Case

Add a touch of style to your Samsung Galaxy S 5 cell phone with this Case-Mate Glam CM030853 case that features a glitter-coated smooth finish for an eye-catching appearance. The PC shell and interlocking design ensure reliable protection.

e-Reader Kindle Paperwhite

Compared to the original Kindle, the Paperwhite has 62% more pixels for unsurpassed resolution, 25% better contrast touchscreen with built-in light and long battery life. The innovative built-in light evenly illuminates the screen to provide the perfect reading experience in all lighting conditions, even sunlight.

mophie juice pack air Charging Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s

Ensure your Apple iPhone 5 or 5s is charged on the go with this mophie Juice Pack Air 39362BBR charging case that features an 1700 mAh battery that recharges your phone in approximately 1.5 hours. The thin, durable case offers protection from damage

Samsung Gear 2 Metallic

This Samsung Gear 2 Neo SM-R3810ZAAXAR smart watch features accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensors and measures distance traveled, speed and more for versatility. A Bluetooth 4.0 + LE interface lets you link with select Samsung devices.

If you want to save even more you can use the code MOMSHINE20 to save 20% off Misfit Shine Products or print the coupon to use in the store!

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Muppets Most Wanted songwriter Bret McKenzie

The Muppets Most Wanted soundtrack is super fun and very catchy! If you have watched the movie you know the songs are done in true Muppet fashion! I was so honored to be part of a group that got to interview Muppets Most Wanted songwriter Bret McKenzie.

Muppets Most Wanted songwriter Bret McKenzie

I know a lot of my blogger friends love the song  “I’ll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)” or Miss Piggy’s  “Something So Right.” but my favorite was the “Interrogation Song” sung by Ty Burrell and Sam Eagle.  The “Muppets Most Wanted” soundtrack features 20 tracks—including 12 new recordings—plus five bonus tracks!


We got to sit down and interview Bret Mckenzie and here are some of the questions he answered about writing music for the film, etc.

So your song Man or Muppet won an Oscar, congratulations on that. While working on the music for this film did you have any pressure to try to meet that kind of standard again?

Yeah I was, obviously yeah there was a lot of pressure because of the Oscar and, um, but really what could I do? It was, there’s always gonna be downhill, so I just had to, you know, I mean I was appreciative but then I had to get on with the job and just, you know, forget about that. ‘Cause I didn’t, I didn’t work on the last muppet film to win awards, you know.

Your creative process, how do you put your songs together.

Well they send me a script with the idea of a song , but it’s usually quite a loose idea. And then for example the ballad,  it was originally called “Love Ain’t Easy,” and it was a Piggy ballad. And first of all I was nervous because Piggy is a great character, a great comedic character, but not a great singer, and I was worried about her carrying, you know, an emotional ballad because there’s only so much of her voice that the audience, I think, wants to hear, you know.

Thirty seconds is great, you know, then a couple of minutes you’re really start being a bit painful. So I suggested we  try and get a singer to help her and we were really excited when Celine Dion agreed. Anyway so then I would write the song and then adapt it for the characters and, and I’d go to  James Bobin and play it to him, one of the stranger experiences on the job is I go to the Disney offices to play the songs to them.

And I sit at the piano and I, um, having done two Muppet films now I can do a fairly, not good but I can do an okay impression of a lot of the different characters so I would say, “This is Miss Piggy’s ballad,” and I’d sit down in this room with all these suits, these Hollywood suits, and I would go, so Miss Piggy, she turns to the camera and she starts doing like this, [IMPERSONATES MISS PIGGY IN HIGH-PITCHED SINGING VOICE] “How can something so right, be so…” literally a crazy job that, I mean, but kinda fun that I can do all those Muppet voices.

Then sometimes you get a someone like Tina Fey who got the role of prison guard and I always wanted to do this doo wop song in there and then I started working with her and I adjusted the song to suit her voice because, um, it was the wrong pitch and we kinda worked together on find out what her strengths are, where her voice sits. And that’s one of the benefits of being the songwriter and producer of the songs as well is I can, if it’s not working I can just change the song.

‘Cause I’m allowed to whereas if it was someone else who’d written it I’d have to call them, “Do you mind if we change the melody?” Uh, so that was, its kind of a fun part of it too. And Ricky Gervais, of course some of you might know he was a–– a sort of failed pop star in the ’80s, and his song, uh, his–– his little pop, yeah so he’s actually a really good singer. So it was handy.

When you have writer’s block what do you refer to for inspiration?

YouTube, it’s kinda fun writing songs in the studio we can, we can look through, there’s such a great history of recorded music now, you can look at, you know, at ’70s and ’80s songs, I mean and I’m a real sucker for power ballads. So yeah just looking at, looking at old clips. Or then for this film I would look back at a few old, they’re not on YouTube but like Irving Berlin songbooks, old kinda Broadway, uh, show tunes, uh, that kinda influenced, you know, the opening couple of songs.


The Muppets Most Wanted is in theaters NOW!

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