He Excites Blogger More Than Johnny Deep and Christian Grey Does



There is a fairy running around in the blogging community that can get us bloggers more excited  than reading 50 Shades of Grey while watching Pirates of the Caribbean can. You may be saying “Who? Who?” The Fairy Hobmother of course!

I couldn’t believe when I found an e-mail from him in my e-mail ( you know, because that is usually where your e-mails are) telling me how much he loved my blog and that he saw me mention him on Twitter. This was the only time me offering to help someone organize something actually netted me something good. YAY for organization!

So anyway, I read this e-mail and after I got done squealing and dancing around the house, I immediately answered him, trying very hard not to profess my undying love like he was Justin Beiber and I just received a backstage pass to one of his concerts. Because really this is way much cooler than that!

After talking to him, I found out that he works for a company called Appliances Online. He also loves spreading sprinkles and fairy dust because he wants to do it more, he told me so. Yes ladies, this is way better than Christian Grey and Johnny Depp. Why?

1. He gives you something. He is a true fairy and when people ask if you have met a fairy you can say “Yes, yes I have and I am not talking about Disney World.”

2. You can stalk him on the internet and not worry about a restraining order. If you stalked Johnny Depp you would be the next TMZ story, using the worst picture they could find, and talking all about your secret crazy.

3. You don’t have to be kinky. Unless you find writing blog posts kinky. If that is true then “you go girl!”

Seeee? So much better! Want to see him yourself? Then leave a comment on the post below with your site URL and tell him why he should visit you!





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Making Magical Memories Disney World Sweepstakes


I have only been to Disney World once and OMG! it was super awesome! It was the most magical experience of my life. Well, besides giving birth, but Disney World was definitely a lot less painful! Pixie Vacations is giving you a chance to win a trip to Walt Disney World! You can enter HERE.

Details about the prize:
Grand Prize vacation shall include the following:
One (1) standard room for maximum of four (4) persons in room at a Walt Disney World® Moderate Resort hotel for three (3) nights.
Up to four (4) Park Base Tickets for four (4) days.
Keepsake luggage tag (one per person).
Dining package includes one table-service meal, one quick-service meal, and one snack per person/night of package.

Valid for redemption most nights during Value and Regular Seasons. Holiday travel is not included. Travel to and from Orlando FL is not included.
Official Rules are here:

We didn’t use a trip planner for our trip but I really wish we would have. We may have been able to manage our time and money a little better. Plus I feel maybe we may have missed out on some things. I didn’t even know places like Pixie Vacations existed Continue reading “Making Magical Memories Disney World Sweepstakes”

My Pets Rock, How about Yours?

We love Pet Smart! They always have great selections for our cats. When you are looking for gifts for your fur babies Pet Smart has exactly what pet parents need, from Grinch outfits for dogs who have been naughty, to reindeer sweaters for those who have been nice. Holiday themed toys and stockings also provide endless gift options.

If you have a rocking pet, like I do, or even a owner that likes to rock out, I would suggest the Pets Rock line by Bret Michaels. I am a huge fan of his, so when I had the opportunity to review an outfit from this line, I jumped on it. First let me say I have a cat. The outfit seen on her is actually for a dog. Now you can see how versatile this collection really is. I have heard so many pet parents that own cats say they can’t dress them up. Continue reading “My Pets Rock, How about Yours?”

Food Network- My Addiction- Part 2

Food Network

Food Network Part 1 is about my Food Network addiction. The above e-card could be said by members of my family. They get tired of it being on in the bedroom or coming from the speakers of my computer. I can’t help it. Do you know how much stuff I learn from there? Stuff I will probably never, ever, ever use? Even so it is great to have the information! Continue reading “Food Network- My Addiction- Part 2”

Teenage Daughters– Help Me!

As I write this I am still  the blissful Mom of a tween and teenager. However,  at exactly 6:15 AM, September 16th 2012, I will be the mother of two teenagers. Not just any teenagers but two teenage daughters. I am not really sure how I feel about this. On one hand I am grateful to start the uphill climb of getting Avery through the teenage years and on the other hand I want to grab time and make it stop.  As of right now there is enough estrogen in this house to start a small war. I already have one teenager that is going through all the drama of finding herself, boys, high school, etc. The thought of having two makes my head hurt. I want to stop this ride and get off. It doesn’t help Avery is my baby, my last child, my last milestones. She has always been my miracle baby. At five years old she died, literally and by a miracle she was brought back to me. I have always tried to protect her, spoil her, and even in my own way keep her that innocent child. It is almost as if I feel when she turns a teenager those things will go away. It is also hard to comprehend that in 5 years I will have an empty nest. This is the start of it. In a couple years she will be in high school, after that driving, first date, first dance, prom, graduation, and then college. What will I do then? I joke a lot that I am going to jet set around the world but that is just a joke. What am I going to do when my nest is empty? Continue reading “Teenage Daughters– Help Me!”