Awesome Ideas for an Amazing OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Party


I am a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. I remember when I was younger I would wait all year for it to come on TV. Back then it was a special thing because they only showed it once a year. No DVD or VCR tapes, TV only. It was almost like Christmas in my world. My Mom would pop popcorn on the stove, fix some drinks, and we would watch it as a family. Seeing The Wizard of Oz for the first time is a magical journey. You are whisked away into a land where anything is possible and by the end you are rooting for a group of misfit characters you just fell in love with.

I collected The Wizard of Oz memberobelia for years and one of my prized possessions is a Wizard of Oz Monopoly game. I still love to play Monopoly on it! I also love the spin offs, especially Wicked. I had the opportunity to see Wicked on Broadway and it was simply amazing! I guess you can tell I am probably looking forward to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! I saw the previews when we went to see Batman last year and I knew that I was definitely going to be going to see it! What better way to celebrate than an amazing and magical party!


Check this link for some AWESOME! AWESOME! party ideas! Just look how cute some of this is!

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Catch OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in theaters March 8th!