Pigs In Blankets-Bacon And Sausage Rolls

Yesterday was national Pigs In A Blanket day and as usual I am late. My day got really busy yesterday and I was unable to post. I still wanted to share this recipe. I absolutely hate hot dogs, weiners, or anything else you want to call them. When I make pigs in a blanket I use this recipe. It is actually a Christmas recipe but it works all year round! Enjoy!

What is your favorite pigs in a blanket recipe?

Rachael Ray’s- White Pizza

We are definitely trying this over the weekend. I really love white pizza and this is a great home made recipe. I think we may throw a little chicken on it. The only thing is I am not loving Rachael’s new site. When I click on the pages the drop down and there is a big white space. Not sure if it is my browser or what but I liked the old one much better.

Rachael Ray’s Official Website – White Pizza.

I am a…

rafflecopter snob. There I admitted it. I figured it out last night with a Ghiradelli chocolate giveaway. Anyone that knows me knows my favorite chocolate in the world is Ghiradelli. Particularly¬†the Dark Chocolate with Caramel squares. So last night I found a giveaway where a blog was giving away a whole basket. My mouth drooled at just the picture and I almost broke my computer trying to get to the site. I got there, got all set to enter and then sighed. No Rafflecopter. Every entry was a different comment and there was sooo many to do. Not even my love for fabulous chocolate could make me take an hour of my time to enter it. I was a little surprised at myself because this was how it used to be done. Every giveaway was done like this and then Rafflecopter came along. That little function changed the way a lot of us see giveaways. A few clicks, follow all the instructions and you are done. Even if there are 200 entries it only takes you about a half hour to do them. Has comment entries become (dare I say)”old-fashioned?”

Giveaways have changed over the years. I remember the first blog giveaway I entered. It was for a pretty Thomas Kinkade book mark. Such a small prize but I wanted it. All I had to do was comment and I would be entered to win. I know, those days were a very long time ago. Then someone figured out they could get someone to be their friend on MySpace for a prize, or follow their twitter page. Comment giveaways became old-fashioned and in came the “social network” giveaways. Next up was sponsored giveaways where not only did you have to do all those for the blogs but also for the company. They became more of a chore than fun. Now there is Rafflecopter. Making it so easy to enter giveaways that you don’t want to do comment ones. In other words you have turned into a Rafflecopter snob.

I have been on the net for a very long time and have seen so many things evolve. This is just one of the many new things that one day will be “old-fashioned.” What are some of the things you are seeing now that you didn’t see a year ago and has changed the way you do things online now?

Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls