Mommy Madness PayPal Event-Sign Ups!

TOAMW&D are holding a Mommy Madness PayPal event and having sign ups! Dishin with Rebelle has signed up and is ready to roll! You should really check it out because it is great way to get some traffic to your blogs and besides, it’s fun!

Sign up Here:

Event— Mommy Madness
Prize– Amount we raise
Signups– April 1st through the 21st.
Event Date– May 1st-11th
2.00 for two links. Links will be:
Follow on GFC, Mr. Linky, or Network Blogs
Facebook Page
1.00 for EACH additional Links:
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Send PayPal payment to
Advertise the sign ups. Remember, the more money we get the more chances of people wanting to win which equals more blog exposure!

Till We Dish Again!

Rebelle and Girls!

Topic Tuesday

I have teamed up with TOAMW&D for Topic Tuesday. Today’s question is:

What are some of the challenges you face on a daily basis?

I would have to say keeping it all together. I work from home and I can’t begin to tell you how many people say “wow, you are so lucky.” Not really. When you work a 9 to 5 job and leave it you leave your work there. When you work at home it is always with you and sometimes you just cannot escape it. So most days I am juggling work, kids, chores, and everything else life can throw at me. It can sometimes get really hard and I want to say “I quit.”


Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls

I Peeq’d and Scored!

*** You will want to read my review to see how much I paid for this.***

Before I start this review let me say I am not into fancy face creams. I tried some in my lifetime but I am a Noxzema girl. My mom started me out on Noxzema and it works. I am a firm believer of if something works don’t mess with it.

When I found sneeqpeak I was really interested. It was fun clicking the little peeq button to see the price of something. I pressed the peeq button and saw this face set and thought “hmmm” and when I saw the price I was like “oh I am going to try it.” What did I get? Read on:D


Yes to Pre-Moistened Facial Wipes- Cucumber

These were great. No water was necessary, at first. It said there was no need to rinse off but after I used it my face felt sticky and I did not like that so I did rinse it off. It was really soothing and I loved the smell. I hate the smell of beauty products, even Noxzema. So that was a big plus for me. My skin already felt softer after using it.

Yes to Soothing Moisturizer- Cucumber

This came out thick and creamy but was so light going on my face. It glided on smooth and I was able to use just a little to cover my face which means it will take a while to empty the jar. It had a great scent and was very refreshing. It made my skin super soft and hydrated.

Yes to Calming Eye Cream- Cucumber

This is the one thing that is not in my daily routine that should be. I have horrible bags under my eyes from where I don’t sleep enough. Plus my age is really showing. So I am anxious to see how this works. It was a clear gel and a little went a long way. I just patted it around my eyes. I didn’t see any real difference but it felt good.

Like the sugar scrub I made my family feel my face. My mom said it was noticeably softer but my youngest daughter said my face smelled like it should be in a salad, rofl. I will definitely keep using it and let you know in a few weeks how it is working out.

So how much did I pay for this? Well with sneakpeeq you get badges you can use. I used my 10 USD off badge and my free shipping badge and only paid… 2 USD. Yes, you read that right. I paid 2.00 for a product that sells for: 35.99. If you do not believe me check out their store here:–regularly-3599?product_id=1025

Now shipping did take about 2 weeks but that didn’t bother me. After all my face wasn’t going anywhere so I could wait. I bought a couple more things I can’t wait to share with you as soon as they get here.  Interested in sneakpeeq? You can sign up here:

Let me know if you buy anything! I would love to hear about your experience!

Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls

Homemade Lip Gloss

So the girls and I decided to try the lip gloss. It didn’t go as well as we hoped but we are not giving up. We did a very simple formula of Vaseline and Lemonade Mix. It turned out quite yummy. We did have to warm it in the microwave a little so the lemonade mix would dissolve a little. It was really fun and we are going to try some others. We did a chocolate ones also but I didn’t get a pic of those.

The lipgloss:


The girls didn’t want plain jars. They thought they would look silly. So after talking to an artist friend of mine we made little labels and the girls called the lip gloss Rebelle, rofl.

We had a lot of fun and we are on the look out for more fun DIY stuff. Also, I am going to start a board on pinterest just for this stuff.

Till We Dish Again,

Rebelle and Girls