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Asher’s Chocolates is a family owned-and-operated business. They have been making fine chocolates and classic confections for over four generations. The family recipes began with Chester A. Asher and they were often jotted down on bags of sugar. The family kept up with Chester’s love of chocolates and today they still bring the quality Chester started with. They never skimp on ingredients and they make every batch with love. That is why people keep coming back to Asher’s Chocolates.

My Review:

As you can see I do a lot of reviewing of chocolate. It’s because I love chocolate and I love trying new confections. I received my Asher’s assorted chocolate box last week and well, it is almost gone. The whole family has enjoyed those chocolates. I never say that any chocolate is better than another one but I will say I have my top favorites. Asher’s is now on that list. The chocolate was creamy and delicious. They did not skimp on fillings. A lot of times you get chocolates and it is more coating than filling.

One thing that surprised me was the fact I loved the orange. I am not an orange flavoring type person. I love oranges and will occasionally drink an orange soda but I do not like orange flavoring. I was upset when I picked out a chocolate and it was orange in the center but after I tried it I loved it. It actually tasted like an orange. That right there made me fall in love with these chocolates. All of them were good but I loved the dark chocolate more than the milk. The milk seemed a little sweet to me.

Another thing I enjoyed was the presentation. This packaging screamed fine chocolates. The box was beautiful and a deep red with the Asher’s Chocolate logo on the front. When you opened it there was a little picture identifier letting you know which chocolate was which. That was awesome because when they have it on the inside of the box, it can get confusing. Especially when someone puts the lid on backwards and you don’t notice it. There was no room for error with this. The chocolates were protected by a thick sheet and again it was in a deep red color. When you pulled the sheet away, wow. They were arranged so beautifully and it was very eye pleasing.

This would make a perfect gift this holiday season. They also have gift baskets and gift towers available.

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{I received the above product for review. The thoughts and opinions stated are 100% mine.}

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