52 Random Acts of Kindness for 2013


52 Random Acts of Kindness for 2013

Last night on Facebook I posted this:

***Pay it Forward 2013***: The first five people to comment on this status and private message me their address will receive a handwritten note and perhaps a gift from me at some point during this calendar year. There likely will be no warning and it will happen when the mood strikes me. The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer on their FB status! Go…Create!!! Happy 2013!

I was so excited to see the response it got. I actually felt bad because I had to close it after 8 people and really wished I could do more. That got me thinking about this year and how I would love to pay it forward this year. Do some fun things for people I don’t even know. If I could do just 1 RAK a week, imagine the difference I could make. If you just did 1 a week, imagine the difference you could make. I am a true believer that you can make someones day by doing a random thing. I know I have had RAK’s in my life and they blessed me in a way that is inconceivable.

So my challenge to myself is to do 52 Random Acts of Kindness for 2013. I already did mine this week. A woman was a $1.10 cents short at the 7-11 and I put it in for her. I am really excited about next week! I hope you will join me in this. No, you don’t have to post about it blah, blah, blah. But if you do a RAK I would love to hear about it! Also the list below is just suggestions, you can do whatever you like! My favorite is the balloon wishes, I am definitely doing that one!

52 Random Acts of Kindness ( one a week- 2013)

  1. Hold the door open for someone
  2. Teach a child something you wish you knew at that age
  3. Tip a waitress more than you normally would
  4. Spend some time with a senior citizen
  5. Smile at a stranger
  6. Compliment a stranger
  7. Pay for a strangers meal at the drive thru
  8. Put a quarter in a meter that is about ready to expire
  9. Leave the mail person a thank you card
  10. Donate unwanted items to a homeless shelter
  11. Donate your unwanted suits to a place that caters to single moms re-entering the work force or older workers re-entering the work force.
  12. Smile at the Walmart greeter
  13. Mentor someone
  14. Carry someone’s bags to the car at the grocery store
  15. Walk or run for charity
  16. Thank a soldier
  17. Let someone go in front of you in line
  18. Say “thank you” to the cashier
  19. Donate books to a school or library
  20. Give your box tops to a school ( found on General Mills products)
  21. Start a stamp collection for a child
  22. Bring flowers to a co-worker, friend, or someone that may be having a hard time.
  23. Tell your family you love them.
  24. Donate coupons that have expired to a military family
  25. Buy that young mother a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a jar of peanut butter.
  26. Pay for an extra car wash
  27. Leave quarters to pay for the next persons wash at the Laundromat
  28. Instead of asking for gifts ask your friends to do random acts of kindness on your birthday.
  29. Donate stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, stickers, and little toys to the police station to hand out to sick, abused, or scared kids.
  30. Donate items to the children’s hospital ( don’t forget about the parents)
  31. Buy stamps for the person behind you at the Post Office
  32. Send a sunshine box to someone that is sick (put in Kleenex, their favorite cough drops, magazines, and anything that might cheer them up. Don’t forget the get well card )
  33. Hand out pennies at a wishing well or fountain. You never know whose wish you may help come true.
  34. Surprise someone with a cup cake, muffin, cookie, etc.
  35. Pre-stamp some thank you notes and hand them out, letting the recipient know to send it to someone they appreciate
  36. Hide notes in library books for someone else to find.
  37. Make or buy hats for kids that are suffering from cancer and donate them.
  38. Donate gift cards, restaurant cards, etc. to organizations that help families with critically or terminally ill kids.
  39. Stick your change in the Ronald McDonald box at McDonald’s
  40. Make care packages and take them to a homeless shelter.
  41. Leave your newspaper for someone
  42. Donate blood
  43. Donate school supplies to a school or preschool
  44. Call a friend and let them know you are thinking about them
  45. Volunteer at a school, library, food pantry, etc.
  46. Mow the neighbor’s yard
  47. Return a shopping cart for someone and save them the trip
  48. Take new parents a date night kit. (Movie rental, popcorn, 2 liter of soda, and candy.)
  49. Buy a few iTunes gift cards and when you see a teen listening to his iPod give him one.
  50. Hand out Valentine cards with lollipops on Valentine’s Day.
  51. Buy balloons, take them to the park and hand them to strangers. Tell them to make a wish and let them go.
  52. If you are feeling extra, extra generous, pay for someone’s gas at the pump.
  53. Bonus RAK: Thanks to one of my readers for this one! Take little care packages to a Cancer center. Fill them with a travel size hand lotion, chapstick, and purse size package of antibacterial wipes. They will be much appreciated!




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  1. says

    I love the RAK idea and I, too, posted the facebook one and got a great response. I am a breast cancer survivor and I recently finished my treatment. When I was in the infusion room, getting my chemo, I was always cold. It was so nice that people had donated blankets. There were also hats available at the cancer center. But my favorite was the little chemo care package. It contained a travel size hand lotion, a chapstick, and a purse sized package of antibacterial wipes. It was so awesome. Chemo dries out the skin and since we are extra susceptible to infections the hand wipes were great. Just something else to do for a RAk that I know firsthand would be greatly appreciated. Now that I have finished, I make the care packages and bring them to the cancer center monthly when I get my port flush.

    • says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and congrats on being a Breast Cancer Survivor. I have edited my post to include the care package, making it a bonus RAK. I have had several family members stolen away by different kinds of cancers so it is a cause near and dear to my heart.
      Much Love,

  2. Jen says

    Just curious about #24 – can you tell me a little bit more? Are military families able to get some special use from expired coupons? (Forgive my ignorance here!)

    • says

      Hi Jen!
      Yes, military families can use coupons up to 6 months after expiration at the PX on base. I can honestly tell you they are grateful to get them! Also, please don’t ever hesitate to ask a question on here. I will always try to answer and if I don’t know, I will find out.
      Much Love,

  3. Kristinne says

    I adore your list!
    Will you be adding more to it?
    Kudos to you for doing a RAK once a week! I’m trying my best to do the same :D

  4. says

    Hi! I just saw this and on my blog I’m doing 52 weeks of getting happy for free..what’s so amazing is that a lot of the RAK you listed are things I would do for getting happy too. There is a definite link between RAK and feeling happy afterwards! This year seems to be a lot more positive. :)

    • Colby Prybylski says

      Oh my, I feel so positively loaded after reading this, Its great that people still know how to help each other

  5. Ahliah says

    One I’ve been doing for a long time is putting coins in random gum all/toy machines. Sometimes I see what the toy is first and set it back under the door. :) For my birthday we spent the day doing rak. Gave mittens and hats from dollar store to school crossing guards. They see kids without a lot. Hot cocoa and a cookie to them too. We had sub zero wind chills. :(

  6. Brandy says

    Love this idea! Depending where you are though, you can be fined for feeding someone else’s meter.

  7. Mildred says

    I love this list! I try my best to do the majority of the things on on it already but the one’s I haven’t I will do now! Great idea…love it! ♥

  8. Kay says

    I totally agree with doing this but I wanted to share with you something that happened to me yesterday. I had gone to the gas station to get a bag of ice and trade in some lottery tickets. When I scooped my change out of the machine I said “Thank you and you all have a nice day”. Something I say all the time. I was getting into my car after loading my bag of ice and a man came up to me and asked if I had been the one to tell everyone to have a nice day. I said yes. He said, “We’ll thank You, and You have a nice day!” I said thank you and he said it was such a nice thing for someone to say to everyone and he’d never had anyone do that. He said he was going to do that too! So, everyone, the small thing of wishing everyone in the store a nice day can even make someone’s day and you may not ever know it until a random person tells you how nice it was! It’s kind of sad something as common courtesy can really effect someone in a positive way. Have a nice day all!

    • says

      WOW Kay! That is amazing! It is really awesome that something so simple can mean the world to someone. I agree with the common courtesy thing. It seems like people are more shocked if you are nice than if you are rude. I held the door open for a lady yesterday and she seemed so stunned she could barely say Thank you. I didn’t say anything directly to her but I knew it was because it probably doesn’t happen very often and that is truly a shame.

  9. says

    I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I really enjoyed reading it and it inspired one of our Sassy Quests of the day. I actually posted your list on the fridge so we can keep a running tally of where we are on our Kindness Project. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  10. Katie B says

    Great post! Just the other day I walked into a store and stood in line waiting to be helped the woman infront of me looked back at me and smiled and said “I love your top” I was so surprised I too loudly screeched “Oh thank you” i am so not used to people being randomly nice but it lifted my spirit the rest of the day! I had a idea after reading this to send all of my surrounding neighbors a random thank you card for being great neighbors and not saying who its from. I grew up in a neighborhood where every one were friends and waved and smiled when you saw one of them out side I hate that it has changed!

  11. Rastavan says

    I love this list, I would just take the balloon idea off because letting balloons go is littering lol.. But definitely gonna work some of this into my life.

  12. Lacey says

    I am a senior in high school I only have a month left and I want to do the remaininfg of my days here at school random acts of kindness. I think this has helped me actually do it. What’s really rewarding is just the fact that you are making someone elses day. I just want to thank everone who posyed there stories on this blog you all inpacted my decision.

  13. Betty Farnsworth says

    I’ve learned the libraries dump any papers in books in the trash when a book is returned so if you want to leave a note in a book try the ones on the shelves. I also like leaving quarters on the book shelves and random places in the children’s dept.

  14. Jennie says

    This is a great list for RAK’s. Thank you for including the one about donating coupons for military families. As a military family living in Japan, I can tell you first hand all those donated coupons are appreciated. I don’t know of a single family over here that doesn’t use them. Thank you again for remembering a military families.

  15. paula says

    One RANDOM act of kindness I have did was buy a $1 scratch off lottery ticket for the next customer at a mini mart.

  16. Bridget says

    I love your list of RAK. I love doing small things for people. Just yesterday I paid for the person behind me at Tim Hortons. The lady inside was so happy by it. She said I love when people do things like that. I smiled and said just tell them to have a great day. And told her to as well. It’s a great feeling. Can’t wait to read more ideas. ♡


  1. […] the best acts of kindness are free, but invaluable.  I found this incredible list from Dishin With Rebelle and had to share.  If you’re looking for RAK inspiration, look no further.  Let me know […]

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