halloween recipes

Who’s up for some Halloween Recipes? I know I am! Halloween is right around the corner and finding some perfect recipes is now at your fingertips.

Some of you have asked why I do not include pictures? Well I do not want to just grab a picture off of someones site without permission. I could get into a lot of trouble, so I find it better to just link!

What are some of your favorite recipes for Halloween? Please leave me a comment below with a link to the recipe if you have one!

Lots of Appetizers for Halloween including Alien Larvea with Blood Sauce ( ewww)

Witches Fingers

Boogers on a Stick

Cobweb Cookies

Devilish Sloppy Sammies

Potato Skin Ghosts

Witches Brew

Spooky Spider Spaghetti

Halloween Pumpkin Peppers

Dracula Cookies (omg, these are freaking cute! )


Tuna Spook Sandwiches





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