Walgreens Ice Cream Run Beats The Truck

When I was a little girl we had no ice cream truck. My Grandmother did though and every Saturday I would go spend the night with her. She would give me some coins and I would clutch them while waiting patiently outside for the ice cream man to show up. My favorite thing to get was an ice cream sandwich. After I paid for it I would go sit under the tree and eat it. That is still one of my fondest summer memories.

Walgreens Ice Cream Run

Where we live there is no ice cream truck and my girls have never had a chance to hear the bell and buy an ice cream. Thankfully we do have a Walgreens and they carry a lot of the novelty ice cream treats I used to enjoy from the truck. When nostalgia hits we just make a Walgreens ice cream run.

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They have a few different items now than they did way back then. The girls love Klondikes and I always reach for a Magnum Bar. But the idea is still the same. There is something so exciting about going for ice cream in the summer (or fall/winter for that matter).

Labor day is today and what better way to celebrate than ice cream? Our kids work hard in school and we work hard at everything. We deserve that small treat. Walgreens usually has all of your favorite flavors in stock and at a great price. Also, instead of just one ice cream you get a whole box! So you can bring your Walgreens Ice Cream run home with you. I don’t know about you but that is my favorite part!

They have all the best Unilever brands from Breyers to Popsicle and you are sure to find your favorite!



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