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Sandy Powell is a bundle of creative energy. I was super excited to see the person responsible for all of the AMAZING costumes used in Cinderella. I am not going to ruin it for those that have not seen the movie so I will just say that some of the costumes for, lets say animal friends are beyond creative.

How does one come up with such amazing frocks? It boggles my mind that someone can be that creative. I will admit I am a little envious of all that talent. What an awesome way to spend the day, creating costumes for some of the most iconic characters in fairytale history.

A group of bloggers and I sat down to chat with Sandy and it was all about the costumes. She was a wealth of information and if I posted the whole interview you would be here an hour reading. So I listed the most interesting facts below.


About the colors she chose for the film.
I kind of chose all the color palettes for each of the characters. And I work closely with the people who design the sets. And the set dressing, so that we make sure that nothing clashes with the curtains and all the furnishings. I don’t intellectualize it that much. I pick colors because they feel right.

Her favorite costume in the film.
The ball gown took the longest. I spent the longest developing it. It might not have worked but it came out exactly how I hoped. I’m proud of that one but there are other that I love also. It’s like they’re my children, you don’t have a favorite. I like the men’s costumes as well as the women’s.  I like them all.

How long they took to create.
I was actually working on this for over a year, from start to finish. Till the very last day of the shoot. Actually one of the last things we shot was the wedding scene, and the wedding dress was actually the last thing I designed. And that was really right towards the end of filming. So at least a year from start to finish.

Creating the costume that turned a lizard into a man.
It was an interesting process. It actually started with the costume. I had to do a costume that looked like a man and then make that lizard-like. I used the texture of the fabric and it was a fabric we dyed by hand. It was dyed first of all like the greens and the yellows. Over top of that was a lace, like a silver lace that gave it a scaly effect. It was like a tail coat but where the tail’s a little bit more exaggerated. And then the gloves were green and they were dyed with the yellow too. So it was actually all clothes. And then that gave the visual effects department something to build on. Then they designed their lizard, but based on my costume in a way. It was interesting and the first time I got to do something like that.

About the Fairy Godmother’s Costume.
It was an idea I had that was rather ambitious and to be honest, we didn’t have enough time to, to really develop it. It could have gone a lot further, and been a lot more success—not to say it wasn’t successful. I think the costume as a whole works in the film. But I had this mad idea that she actually literally twinkled, and all over. But the lights took longer than we thought they would. We couldn’t really construct the costume till we had the lights done. So we were waiting and waiting, waiting for the lights to be finished. We knew the shape of the costume. So that costume actually ended up being really rather thrown together at the last minute. In a way, I think it’s quite funny that it looks like it’s been thrown together. It looks like she’s made it, you know, [LAUGHS] thrown it together.

Making the costumes camera-ready.
Sometimes you choose a color that looks great to the eye. And then when it gets on, on screen, on camera, depending on how they fit it or how they treat the film after, it completely changes. And then that’s really annoying. ‘Cause you think, that’s not what I intended it to be. So quite often if you’re lucky at the beginning of them, you do camera tests. You actually test different things and different textures. So that you can see how it’s going to work with a kind of lighting that they’re doing. It doesn’t always follow through that you get it right. sometimes things look worse than you’d hoped. And sometimes things look better. But the end product is what you see on the screen.


Advice for young designers.
I’d advise anybody who wants to do costumes, to learn how to sew. And learn how to make them. ‘Cause you’d be surprised, there’s an awful lot of costume designers who don’t know how to do it. And I really don’t know how you can design and how you can talk to somebody else who’s making something, unless you know how to do it yourself. You have to start at the bottom, and be a maker. bottom, you have to start at the bottom and be a maker. And actually learn how to construct and sew. So you understand the construction and the engineering, which is what it is.

Sandy group 2

Cinderella is open now!!!

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Exclusive Interview With Richard Madden- The Prince- Disney’s Cinderella- #CinderellaEvent

Richard 3

One of the things I noticed with the interviews is that when we clean them up it loses some of the appeal. I guess I mean the comedy in some of what they are saying, or the emotion. I really, really hate putting [Audience Laughs] in the post because to me it just sounds like a script. So I made a little video with some clips from my audio of the video. That way you can hear exactly what I did and how truly funny these amazing actors are.

If you can’t see the video player you can also find the video on Youtube.

When I tell people about the event and that I got to interview Richard Madden, they love to ask questions. I decided to include the answer to the top asked questions.

1. Are his eyes really that blue?

Yes, they truly are. No editing and yes, you can get lost in them.

2. Is he more like his character in Game of Thrones or Cinderella?

I can’t really say because I have never watched Game of Thrones (gasp). I can say that his mannerisms and way of speaking was pretty much like Prince Charming in the film. To be honest the only celebrity I knew of going in was Cate Blanchett. I had to research both Richard and Lily before the event.

3. Is he the Prince Charming dreams are made of?

I can’t answer that either because I don’t really know him personally. I don’t have any idea what he is truly like outside of the interview room. However, I will say based on looks, he could be my Prince Charming every day of the week and twice on Sunday :D


My pages weren’t loading quickly, so I changed the interview format a little :)


So how did you get involved the process of playing a Prince?

I wanted to make him different. And in the animation you only see him in 2 or
3 scenes. Also in the original animation there’s this kind of old fashioned
view I think of you know a woman needing a man to come and rescue her from a
terrible life and that’s kind of outdated enough. That’s not a message I think
we should be telling young girls and in this version it’s not that which is
great. You’ve got a young man with all of his own problems and a young woman
with hers and actually they, they bring the best out of each other. I think
she rescues him as much as he rescues her and that’s why I was really
interested in this, in this version. We got to kind of see this real young man
character and most importantly you know Cinderella’s this wonderful amazing
woman that I wanted to make a man that was worthy of her affections.

What was your favorite scene?

The first scene that I show up with Lily, which is us on horseback when we
first meet in the woods. I like being outside and being on a horse. It’s more
fun than being in the studio most of the time. But it’s just like you know that
was our first day on set. That was the first day of shooting. That was the
first time with, with Lily. So you kind of have all of that going on top of us
kind of trying to play that scene. And I love what Ken wanted to do these 2
huge beasts. They were both trying to control them and their feelings and this
kind of dance that they do on the horses.

How hard was it to learn the dance routine?

It was miserable. I’m not a naturally gifted dancer. So I had to kind of train
for like 2 or 3 months to like 3 or 4 times a week to get myself up to scratch.
I mean there was 2 months before they let me near Lily’s dress and because I
would just destroy it. I went through like 2 practice dresses that looked like
a bunch of cats have destroyed them.

I think the Prince would enjoy dancing. So I wanted to make it look as if he
was enjoying it and also that I could just act with Lily and not be thinking
about what I’m doing with my feet.

Were there any scenes that made you cry?

Yeah the scene with Derek playing the King. That was a very emotional day
but a really good one. I love working with Derek. Um it was kind of an icon
to me. That was kind of a really moving scene. He plays it so beautifully and
it was hard not to get caught up in that.

For that scene you were almost like in a fetal position with him and that was
just so touching and it just like breaks your heart. It was kind of like when
Cinderella was with her father. So was that kind of directed that way?

Yeah it was directed that way. You know I think first and foremost Cinderella’s
a daughter and the Prince is a son and they’re so influenced by their parents.
And I think that’s how we get to know them and get to know their personalities
and what they’re like.

For, for the modern day woman dating today what would you, what would you tell
them a Prince Charming is?

I don’t know. I think he’s got to have a sense of humor, he’s got to be a
gentleman, and he’s got to have a compassion, an awareness of everyone around
him and particularly her obviously.

We’ve all been talking about your eyes. Did they do anything to enhance them
for filming or are those your natural eyes?

They are my natural eyes. And I was healthy at the time. I was eating
healthily and trying to you know be well and fat. So that obviously helps too.

What did you learn about yourself by playing this role?

I played characters like Robb Stark star and like the Prince. They have such
strong moral compasses. You know they’re really good people and I kind of like
that. It kinda reminds me how to be sometimes because you know you’re playing
these people and they have really good hearts. It’s like you know better now
that you’ve played someone like that.

Especially with someone like Lily. She had the weight of movie on her shoulders
and she’s a young actress. She does it like kill everything with kindness. She
is genuine, loving, and caring. That is something you want to take away from
the film every day. You kind of go “You know let’s find the best in this
situation and let’s, let’s be as nice as we can.”

How does it feel to be a role model for young men?

Well the Prince is the role model not me. grew up with these Disney films and
I have 2 sisters. They watch these films and say that. You learn to deal love,
good, bad, and that’s what I really wanted to do with this Prince. I wanted
make someone, as I said earlier, that’s doesn’t have the old fashioned view of
a girl needing a guy. I want to try and make a prince that young men would look
up to. A Prince that you know, has a built in respect for women and compassion
to the people around him. An awareness of his privilege. So if there’s little
boys that grow up and are influenced by that then I’ll be really honored by it.

Cinderella opens in theaters now!!!

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